My Route 1

British Columbia

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Ontario #1

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Ontario #2

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New Brunswick

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Nova Scotia

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I would like to thank Steve Langston, who authored Canada by Cycle. His book provided a blueprint for my route, no use re-inventing the wheel(s)…pun intended!
BC Start End Daily km
May 20 Vancouver Rowing Club Sun Valley Trout Campground 66km
May 21 Sun Valley Trout Campground Coquihalla Campground 90km
May 22 Coquihalla Campground Lightning Lake Campground 71km
May 23 Lighting Lake Campground Bromley Rock Provincial Pk 93km
May 24 OFF
May 25 Bromley Rock Provincial Pk Okanagan Provincial Pk 115km
May 26 Okanagan Provincial Pk Swan Lake RV Park & Camp 96km
May 27 Swan Lake RV Park & Camp Lamplighter Campground 140km
May 28 OFF
May 29 Lamplighter Campground Golden Municipal Campground 152km
May 30 Golden Municipal Campground Lake Louise Campground 85km
May 31 OFF
June 1 Lake Louise Campground Canmore Wapti Campground 76km
June 2 Canmore Wapti Campground Calgary West Campground 91km
June 3 Calgary West Campground Bassano Campground 154km
June 4 OFF
June 5 Bassano Campground Hot Gas City Campground 156km
June 6 Hot Gas City Campground Eagle Valley Campground 92km
June 7 Eagle Valley Campground Kinetic Park Campground 136km
June 8 OFF
June 9 Kinetic Park Campground Besant Campground 138km
June 10 Besant Campground Regina Kings Campground 115km
June 11 Regina Kings Campground Melville Regional Park 156km
June 12 OFF
June 13 Melville Regional Park Roblin Kin Park & Camp 120km
June 14 Roblin Kin Park & Camp Rainbow Beach Provincial Pk 114km
June 15 OFF
June 16 Rainbow Beach Provincal Pk Narrowswest Resort 98km
June 17 Narrowswest Resort Multicultural Heritage Village 136km
June 18 Multicultural Heritage Village Selkirk Municipal Campground 105km
June 19 OFF
June 20 Selkirk Municipal Campground Caddy Lake Campground 143km
June 21 Caddy Lake Campground Kenora Anicinabe RV Park 69km
June 22 OFF
June 23 Kenora Anicinabe RV Park Northwestern Tent & RV Park 138km
June 24 Northwestern Tent & RV Park Ignace Davy Lake Campground 107km
June 25 Ignace Davy Lake Campground Savanne River Campground 124km
June 26 OFF
June 27 Savanne River Campground TB Trowbridge Falls 136km
June 28 TB Trowbridge Falls Birchwood Campground 87km
June 29 Birchwood Campground Rossport Campground 90km
June 30 Rossport Campground Marathons Pennlake Park 113km
July 1 OFF
July 2 Marathons Pennlake Park Obatanga Provincial Park 133km
July 3 Obatanga Provincial Park Lake Superior Provincial Park 143km
July 4 OFF
July 5 Lake Superior Provincial Park Sault St Marie Velorution 135km
July 6 Sault St Marie Velorution Blind River MacIver Campground 133km
July 7 OFF
July 8 Blind River MacIver Campground Sudbury Carol Campsite 174km
July 9 Sudbury Carol Campsite River Haven Resort 109km
July 10 OFF
July 11 River Haven Resort Bala Woodlands Tent & Trailor 126km
July 12 Bala Woodlands Tent & Trailor Trout Water Family Camping 138km
July 13 OFF
July 14 Trout Water Family Camping Blairton Tent & Trailor Park 120km
July 15 Blairton Tent & Trailor Park Sharbot Lake Provincial Park 110km
July 16 OFF
July 17 OFF
July 18 Sharbot Lake Provincial Park Ottawa Municipal Campground 108km
July 19 Ottawa Municpal Campground Camping Municipal Brownsburg 135km
July 20 Camping Municpal Brownsburg Montreal Parque Lafontane 89km
July 21 OFF
July 22 Montreal Parque Lafontane Camping et Marina Louisville 105km
July 23 Camping et Marina Louisville Portneufs Camping Panoramique 110km
July 24 Portneufs Camping Panoramique Quebec City Auberge Intern de Quebec 62km
July 25 OFF
July 26 Quebec City Auberge Intern de Quebec Camping Municipal Du Rocher Panet 81km
July 27 Camping Municipal Du Rocher Panet River du Loupcamping du Qual 111km
July 28 River du Loupcamping du Qual Rimouski Camping de L’Anse 99km
July 29 OFF
July 30 Rimouski Camping de L’Anse Camping Bois et Berges 96km
July 31 Camping Bois et Berges Atholvilles Sugerloaf Provincial Pk 111km
New Brunswick
August 1 Atholvilles Sugerloaf Provincial Pk Camping Malybec 109km
August 2 OFF
August 3 Camping Malybec All Day All Night Camping 99km
August 4 All Day All Night Camping Parlee Beach Provincial Park 116km
August 5 OFF
August 6 Parlee Beach Provincial Park Amherst Loch Lomond Campground 74km
Nova Scotia
August 7 Amherst Loch Lomond Campground Truro Scotia Pine Campground 113km
August 8 Truro Scotia Pine Campground Dartmouth Shubie Campground 85km
August 9 OFF
August 10 OFF
August 11 Dartmouth Shubie Campground Sheet Harbour Eastriver Campground 113km
August 12 Sheet Harbour Eastriver Campground St Mary’s Riverside Campground 82km
August 13 St Mary’s Riverside Campground Hyclass Campground 96km
August 14 Hyclass Campground St Peters Battery Provincial Park 71km
August 15 OFF
August 16 St Peters Battery Provincial Park Arm of Gold Campground 104km
August 17 Arm of Gold Campground Midway Motel 108km
August 18 Midway Motel Kinsman Prince Edward Campground 119km
August 19 OFF
August 20 Kinsman Prince Edward Campground Deer Lake Municipal Campground 49km
August 21 Deer Lake Municipal Campground Kona Beach Campground 134km
August 22 Kona Beach Campground Fallsview Municpal Campground 97km
August 23 OFF
August 24 Fallsview Municpal Campground Ganders County Inn Campground 80km
August 25 Ganders County Inn Campground Terra Nova National Park 81km
August 26 OFF
August 27 Terra Nova National Park Arnolds Cove Tanker Inn 115km
August 28 Arnolds Cove Tanker Inn Butterpot Provincial Park 108km
August 29 Butterpot Provincial Park

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