Friends 4

A journey like this doesn’t happen without the help, ideas, support and friendship of many people.  I would like to thank the following people and organizations.

Leanne Pepper, David & Andrea, Leigha Main, Jim Hope, Jill & Sean Thompson, Paul & Amy Morrell, Eric & Candice Alper, Heather Arnold, Lenny Walker, Sam & Linda, my many colleagues, Robert Thompson

The Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club, Canadian Society of Club Managers, PGA, Breast Cancer Foundation

4 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Reply Paul Morrell May 16,2013 2:38 pm

    Good luck Dave
    have a great journey. cant wait to hear all the stories ….


  2. Reply John Zechner Jul 4,2013 6:30 pm

    Flying out Thursday evening for a wedding in Windsor – sorry I will miss you – see from your blog you are spending Thursday in T-Bay. Bike man In Nipigon is Michael Elliott if you need any info or repairs. Good luck on your journey


  3. Reply Carol Gibsob Jul 11,2013 2:46 am

    Dave, Craig and I have enjoyed following you along your journey so far. An awesome trip and so inspiring. Sounds like a life changing event. If you feel like visitingmHaliburton for a day or two drop us a line.
    Carol and Craig Gibson


  4. Reply Jeff Whelan Jul 22,2013 10:51 am

    Way to go DM. Now you are nearing our neck of the woods (Whitby) I’d love to bring the family out to cheer you on. It is awesome reading about your trip. Keep up the great work.


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