TOP 5 Toughest Climbs 2

1) ALLISON PASS — this was my first Summit of the trip and was 1342m and spanned kms. At the top was the Manning Park lodge, it was about 5deg at the top with snow on the shoulder of the road. Also passed my first black bear about 5ft from me, I was paranoid for the rest of the trip thru Manning Park

2) KICKING HORSE PASS — this was the second climb of my day after 10mile hill and reached a height of 1627m. It was pouring rain for the entire climb and cold. It is so high that the railway built a spiral tunnel to make for safe rail passage.

3) 10 MILE HILL — as the name suggests this climb continued for 10 miles right out of Golden. This is part of the Golden Triangle bike route and covers a long bridge with about a 150m drop.

4) SUNDAY SUMMIT — this is the second highest summit on Crowsnest Hwy at 1284ft and was the day after Allison Pass.

5) ROGERS PASS — this was another one of those rainy days in BC. Remember it rained 22 of the first 30 days of my ride. Rogers Pass reaches 1330m but didn’t feel as hard to ride as I expected. Perhaps it was because I had a few climbs achieved already? I am so glad I sisnt have to bike east to west thru the avalanche tunnels as it was scary enough taking them on downhill.

2 thoughts on “TOP 5 Toughest Climbs

  1. Reply Pamela Sep 18,2013 4:17 am

    BC wins! Now folks please don’t call your small hills mountains. David has confirmed it. All 5 of his toughest climbs were in BC!


  2. Reply sab Sep 17,2015 6:47 pm

    That sounds like torture to me! You however have the calves to prove you did these climbs đŸ˜‰


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