2 days off in St John’s 2

Wait a minute, I am finished, not just a 2 day rest! I am in the airport waiting for my flight and it is just sinking in that I have finished this incredible journey! Betty is packed up and safely handed over to Porter airlines.
Friday morning we made breakfast in our wonderful house we rented then headed off to check out the city in daylight, honestly not sure I remember as much as I should from the previous night. Let’s just say I was wearing a Canadian Flag draped over my neck and shoulders for the entire evening. I dropped Betty off at a bike shop to get boxed up for the trip, stopped by the inspiring monument to Terry Fox and walked the harbour front towards town.
Friday was a hot day for the island in September. I discovered my definition of customer service and the Newfie definition are slightly different. Turns out it is perfectly acceptable to not recognize a patron at 2pm in a pub for over 12min, it started to be a bit of a game for me, or to not serve us drinks at a restaurant until our 830pm reservation, even though we arrived early for a cocktail in their bar area. The manager explained they were short staffed so couldn’t take a drink order…this trip has truly mellowed me; while I was amazed at the poor service it didn’t bother me like it would have before.

Ran across a lot of Newfoundland Dogs over the last 2 weeks. Think I may have found my next dog…
On Saturday my mate Paul finished his journey across Canada so we were able to celebrate together, very cool catching up and comparing how we both felt about finishing. We shared very similar feelings. The first picture is September 15 in St John’s and the second picture was May 23 in Hope.
George street was everything people warned me about, two blocks of bars and pubs. Some great bands playing Celtic and Maritime music. Lots of fiddling and harps. Enjoyed Cod Tongues, and some good beer at Yellowbelly Brewery and Pub.
Walked Signal Hill on Sunday (let’s be honest; took a cab up to the Hill then walked down). Amazing how close you get to the 500ft cliffs, in fact one pass was only about 2ft of path with a chain to hold on!

I plan to blog often over the next few weeks, first of my Top 5s

1) Halifax
2) Quebec City
3) Ottawa
4) St John’s
5) Vancouver

2 thoughts on “2 days off in St John’s

  1. Reply Chris Sep 18,2013 1:12 am


    Congratulations. Great Job!
    A most impressive accomplishment.

    All the Best
    Chris B.


  2. Reply sab Sep 16,2015 2:44 pm

    George Street!!! awesome…i’ve been there many times…it’s by far the best 😉
    Congrats on such a beautiful journey that keeps inspiring and has become timeless in its own way!


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