Clarenville to Arnold’s Cove 2

My day started with a trip to the local bike shop with desperate hopes of getting a new back wheel. Alas I was to be disappointed, no 700 series wheel. The owner of the shop said they don’t stick a lot of road bike parts or equipment as they mainly sell mountain bikes. Makes sense I guess given how few roads there are here. Hit the TCH at 1030am with my fingers crossed that Betty would hold up. Always believed that “hope” is not a viable business strategy, and don’t think it works well in this case either? But it’s all I have given I can’t repair the wheel and there is nothing but road between here and St Johns.
I know I have talked about windy days but today has to be the show stopper? Gusts well into 70kph, mostly cross winds making keeping the bike upright a challenge. I had real fear of transports and RVs not keeping control and swerving into me. At one point I was on a downhill, likely 5% grade, peddling and just making the 15kph mark! If I wasn’t peddling I am not sure but think I could have walked down the hill faster?
Betty and I made it to our camp site by 3pm, thankfully she didn’t appear in any worse shape than when we started the day. Only 145km to go, holding my breath on each crack in the road that her tires bump over, hoping it won’t be her last. Staying just east of Arnolds Cove, on Jack’s Pond. Met John and his girlfriend, who are with the military and live in Kingston. They invited me to have a beer (magic words). They have been hiking Gros Mourne Mountains.

So major issue with Newfie time, evening sporting events are way to late to stay up for…last NFL game tonight doesn’t start till 1130pm here!

Daily Cycle: 56.4km
Daily cycle time: 3hrs 47min

2 thoughts on “Clarenville to Arnold’s Cove

  1. Reply Smashby Sep 10,2013 2:55 am

    PHI-WAS was a barnburner tonight, hope you didn’t stay up to see RG3 storm back at the end…your photos are eye-opening, I’ve heard Gros Morne is one of the great parks to explore, looks beauty.


  2. Reply Smashby Sep 10,2013 2:56 am

    Oh and meant to say – I biked 50K Sunday with my brother in Halton Hills, and it gave me a real appreciation for what 100+kms per day must take out of you – huge kudos Mainer.


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