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Not sure why but my entire blog from yesterday didn’t get posted. When I arrived at the campsite my neighbours were from Brighton Ontario and were here for a fishing trip. These 5 guys are here to honour their friend who passed away last year. Good guys who were very generous with their Bud Light, hence why I didn’t post my blog last night!

Waking up around 730am this morning to a chilly wind, but dry! Just a few days ago the weather network was calling for 50mm of rain today, now the forecast is a sunny day, 20deg? Enjoyed my oatmeal camp breakfast with a large cup of tea then hit the TCH at 10am. Very cautious as I listened to every sound Betty made, fingers crossed my back tire didn’t have a complete blowout. After about 20km I was hopeful I would make it the next 50km to Clarenville.
The ride today was very hilly (another strong headwind) as I exited the National Park. Passed the Terra Nova golf course that looked to be wedged between the hills, tall trees and rapidly flowing rivers. About 20km (1hr of biking) out from my destination the cloud darkened and the heavens opened up! What happened to the sunny no rain forecast? I was lucky and one of the few overpasses was near me and I only had to ride a few minutes in the rain. Waited it out for about a half hour then carried on. Now I know how all the motorcyclists feel I see taking cover under an overpass. Cars and trucks flying by, splashing mists of rain water from their tires, an amplified echo of their engines with little room to park on the shoulder. Wonder what people think of me when they pass by? Poor guy or what an idiot?
I am surprised how many streams/rivers there are in NFLD and most of them are fast running. Betty and I made it safely and in one piece to the Restland Motel…this time I wanted the hotel so I could watch NFL Sunday! There is a bike shop just down the street from the motel. I plan to be there when it opens at 10am hopefully get another rim. Going to be honest, surprised this one is having issues as it was billed as one of the best touring rims? I have 195km to St Johns, 50km Monday, 50km Tuesday, 50km Wednesday then 45km Thursday. I very relaxed finish where I will be greeted by three of my best friends (hopefully a bottle of champagne in one of their hands?).

Daily Cycle: 70.9km
Daily Cycle Time: 4hrs 22min

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  1. Reply Teresa Sep 9,2013 1:06 am

    What an amazing summer you have had! We loved following you and your journey, this is a journey that many people could only think about doing – seeing the country from one ocean to the other and everything in between. You made us laugh, smile, shake our heads in amazement and even hold our breath.



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