Grand Falls-Windsor to Gander 1

My motel didn’t have a window, have been waking to the light of the morning whether it be in my tent or with a window. That coupled with staying up to watch 3Q of NFL and I woke at 845am! Almost every morning I wake first around 5am then next around 7-730am, odd today I slept right through? After I killed the continental breakfast at the motel (2 toasted PB&J, 3 croissants, 3 yogurts, 3 glasses juice, 2 muffins, bowl of fruit loops) I hit the peddles at 11am. A perfect cycling day, high of 17deg and sunny with a tailwind. My 5th day cycling in a row and I feel great, think the body adapts and I am better off not taking days off. Likely will bike every day to St Johns, but some of my last few days will be 60-80km, nice warm up rides!
Today I spent most of my 6hrs in the road thinking about the word “perspective”. It has so many layers…I think of my bad days and how perspective can adjust my attitude, I thought about others perspective on my journey, and why I am taking this opportunity. Short story, many would think I get tired or annoyed with telling the story of this journey, why, where I started, how many km a day, how many flats, what do I do for food etc, the questions don’t vary a lot and are asked by everyone I meet. Every time I put myself in the asker’s shoes, they are excited to know about it, usually have never heard of anyone cycling so far, and want to know what inspires one to do this. I could “can” my answers but that would only serve me and my time. I think sometimes as club manager I have done this, not given the full dedication to someone’s questions. This journey has really opened my eyes to what others want from me or of me. Realizing that others are asking you for things, or wanting your attention for a reason, sometimes I might not see or understand the logic behind it, but all the same it is their perspective.
Tonight I am in Gander. Home of many an episode of Vinyl Cafe, and the Northern Atlantic Aviation Museum. I will be stopping by the museum in the morning before I head out to Terra Nova National Park. The Gander Airport is famous for being the most northeastern airport in North America and served a huge role in WWII for planes making the journey overseas. It also was home for many trans-Atlantic flights just after Sept 11th when planes were grounded.

I arrived at 520pm to discover that Quad-a-poloosa is on in town! No likes their 4 wheelers more than Newfies, there are trails that stretch the entire length of the TCH and often I see permanent unloading ramps near the highway. Almost every hotel room is booked with camouflaged people! Not sure what they do at the Super Bowl of Quads but they are everywhere.

FUNDRAISING UPDATE: we are at $12,250 raised to date with less than a week to the finish line. It would be so great to get to $15,000 so everyone who has been holding off, forgot, keep putting off, or have been waiting for me to finish: PLEASE donate now! Finishing this journey will be a flood of feelings for me, accomplishing our new fundraising goal would make it epic.

325km to St Johns

Daily cycle: 103.7km
Daily cycle time: 5hrs 5min

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  1. Reply Dean Corrigan Sep 7,2013 3:21 pm

    Hi David
    What a journey you have had. Enjoy the last few days of cycling. Your on the road thoughts are amazing. I have enjoyed your blogs a lot. You are an inspiration to cyclists everywhere. Way to go! All the best Cheers, Dean Corrigan


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