Midway Motel to Corner Brook 3

Spent my day off in the middle of nowhere, not a building within 30km of me! Ham and cheese sandwich and chip/coke for lunch and a little pasta I heated up for dinner! James Bond marathon on TV and round three of the Duetsche Bank Golf Championship. Great to see Delaat and Hearn playing so well…but Johnny Miller is painful, hey Johnny just because they are Canadian doesn’t mean they only played hockey growing up!
Figuring I was well rested, I headed out at 830am to an even colder day than my previous day cycling. I had three layers of shirts on, leggings, neck warmer and covers for my shoes. While cycling I was just warm enough, with the windchill, yes I said windchill, it felt like about 6deg. My muscles were not happy with me again, concerned maybe I am burning muscle by not eating enough carbs? Or is it just two days off in the last three, cold weather, headwinds and hills?
Today was a low day. My quads were screaming at me and my hamstrings were tight as violin strings, I was cold, must have climbed 1200m today and there is nothing around you but mountains. I think NFLD would be great to spend a week or two vacationing with a car but with only one road (the TCH) to cycle it gets really lonely, worse than Saskatchewan. Honestly, I am scared. Scared to return to reality I think. No job, however a good prospect likely, no home, while family and friends are helping, still feel naked not having a place to call my own? The last four months have been a break from reality, lots of time for pause and thought, time to put a lot in perspective. This challenge has been once in a lifetime and I have learned to flow with the wind, changing plans as I go, if anything everything on this tour is changing (sounds like life?) but life begins again when I return and I really don’t have a lot of answers for my near future…for someone who is very goal focused.
I am guessing these fears are normal and like any challenge I am ready for it. Arrived in Corner Brook and decided camping was not an option, long hot shower and bed sheets needed. Can you believe a Comfort Inn in this town cost $125! Wow…

Daily cycle: 115.2km
Daily cycle time: 7hrs 12min

3 thoughts on “Midway Motel to Corner Brook

  1. Reply Jeff Whelan Sep 4,2013 11:21 am

    Hey Davie,
    Keep your chin up baby. Steven Moss who played against us in the Whig on team NL resides in Corner Brook. I have alerted him to your presence in the area. He is a facebook friend of mine who I think spends enough time online that you could get in touch with him if you were looking for someone to take you out and about in Corner Brook or perhaps even Deer Lake. Click my friends link on facebook and look him up if you are hankerin’ for some company. He’s one of ‘da b’yes.
    In St John’s I have alerted several people to expect you and hopefully they can assist in showing you a good time on George Street and some of the can’t miss places of our world famous capital city. I’d love to be there to greet you myself but alas. I also have family in Clarenville too so if you get stuck again I could drop them a line. I will be praying that the weather is kind for your trip.


  2. Reply Brian Rennie Sep 6,2013 1:44 pm

    What a fantastic “Journey” of a lifetime! Huge effort on your part, congratulations. Give me a shout on your return to Toronto area, I’ll grab Fingers and dinner with nice wine will be on me!
    Best Regards,
    Brian Rennie


  3. Reply sabi Sep 4,2015 5:18 pm

    What a generous Jeff you have as a friend D!
    I loved your post…at first I was busy formulating my answer on how “you sure are losing muscle if you think you need carbs…protein protein protein to build those muscle tissues”.
    …then I read on and your heart was right there…smeared all over my monitor.
    I wanted to just hug you – comfort you…anything to make you feel better. And then I came to…and got present to how every moment you endured and experienced on your journey made you exactly who you are today…and you are perfect just the way are 🙂 Dyson in hand of course ;), Thank you for sharing you with me xox


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