Deer Lake to Sheppardville 5

My morning started listing to the rain hitting the motel room windows, I was expecting this and have been mentally preparing myself for a 100km ride in the rain. Enjoyed another full bacon and egg breakfast and was pleasantly surprised to see the rain stop by the time I hit the peddles at 930am. With the roads wet and a brisk, but warm tailwind I headed off. I was at a low point two days ago but a better ride yesterday put me in a good mood today, even with the expected rain.
At a convenience store/gas station about 45km into my ride a local struck a conversation with me. The typical where you coming from, wow Vancouver reaction. Then he told me his “mudder” passed away to breast cancer…in my head I thought about why I was in such a low place the last few days, what have I got to worry about? A future job? Where to live? Really? I am so lucky to have this time, and here this man is telling me about losing his mother to cancer. He took down the website info so he could donate then proceeded to give me $20 to cover my dinner tonight. I tried to say no, but in his friendly Newfie way would have none of it. Tim Ashby asked me to post my top five moments that made me proud to be Canadian, “people generosity will be #1”.

Making great time enjoying no rain, and the tailwind, a smile back on my face I came across a majestic site. A bald eagle flying along side me about 30ft away. Thankfully it perched itself on a dead tree about 50ft away and I was not its next target! I stayed still on the side of the road, our eyes meeting more than once, I didn’t seem to faze it? Again I thought how lucky I was, not everyday you get this close to observe such a powerful site, the bald eagle truly commands a presence, simply breathtaking.
Arrived at my destination, the 410 Motel and Restaurant near Sheppardville at 220pm. This motel reminds me of the Midway where i stayed a few days ago, at least its only $89 a night. No rain the entire trip today and the next three days look to be perfect cycling weather, sunny, some clouds and highs near 20deg. Maybe my luck has changed? Only 540km to St John’s!

Daily cycle: 99.7km
Daily cycle time: 3hrs 56min

5 thoughts on “Deer Lake to Sheppardville

  1. Reply Carol Gibson Sep 4,2013 9:16 pm

    Glad you are feeling better David, you seemed pretty down a few days ago. It is almost finished, you have done an incredible job and I have a feeling your life is about to turn around for you. Be proud of all you have accomplished- not many people have the fortitude that you need to make this journey. Carol


  2. Reply Linds Sep 4,2013 10:31 pm

    Great Blue Heron!!


  3. Reply Uncle Bob Sep 5,2013 1:36 am

    You will always have a home at the lake Dave


  4. Reply Kevin Sep 5,2013 1:47 am

    Hang in there my friend


  5. Reply sabine Sep 4,2015 5:21 pm

    you are so loved! 🙂


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