Deer Lake to Sheppardville 5

Deer Lake to Sheppardville
My morning started listing to the rain hitting the motel room windows, I was expecting this and have been mentally preparing myself for a 100km ride in the rain. Enjoyed another full bacon and egg breakfast and was pleasantly surprised to see the rain stop by the time I hit the peddles at 930am. With ...

Corner Brook to Deer Lake

Corner Brook to Deer Lake
Awoke refreshed, muscles weren’t screaming at me anymore and ready to cycle. Thankfully today was looking to be dry, but still dealing with a strong Northern wind. After a full breakfast at a nearby restaurant I was on the road at 1020am. Today was not as hilly as I followed the Humber river out of ...

Midway Motel to Corner Brook 3

Midway Motel to Corner Brook
Spent my day off in the middle of nowhere, not a building within 30km of me! Ham and cheese sandwich and chip/coke for lunch and a little pasta I heated up for dinner! James Bond marathon on TV and round three of the Duetsche Bank Golf Championship. Great to see Delaat and Hearn playing so ...

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