Linwood to Whycocomagh 2

Took my time this morning, cooked myself some oatmeal and toasted some peanut butter and honey crumpets (change from the bagel!). Headed on the road at 10am and crossed paths with Gene, Fabio and Jim from Thunder Bay. These gents cycled Vancouver to TBay last year and this year NFD to TBay. You know when you meet someone and just think “these are solid people”, immediately thought that of the trio, would have enjoyed cycling with them I suspect. They passed by Dave earlier in their trip; who I cycled with in Northern Ontario, small world cycle touring!


Crossed the causeway to Cape Breton Island, a pic looking both ways about half way across the 1km trek. Good thing I stopped at the CB visitor centre as they let me know of 10km worth of heavy construction on my planned route (hwy 4). After a round of me politely interrogating the person helping me (remember I rarely trust the locals thoughts when it comes to cycling) I felt she might have a valid concern for me. I headed out on Hwy 105, the Transcanada, which will follow Bras d’Or Lake on the west side.


Also booked my Ferry ticket to NFD today. Decided to take tomorrow nights evening Ferry, leaving at 1145pm and arriving the next morning around 630am, Newfie time! Paid $18 extra on my $60 basic fee to get a reserved reclining seat that I hopefully can get some sleep on the high seas? Wasn’t up to paying an extra $122 for a bunk bed!!! Hotels are cheaper.

The ride today was spotted with some decent climbs, nothing killer but a few 1-2km steady ascents. Warming me up for the hills of NFD. Luckily I will have 14 days to complete what I had originally scheduled to be 10 cycling days. Think I will split up a few of the longer rides and enjoy the hills, if that’s possible.

Found my camp at 350pm, after a 5 piece fried chicken dinner at “The Farmers Daughter Market” just into Whycocomagh. Set up camp, bought some firewood, all set for an enjoyable night when it poured rain for about an hour. I mean sheets of heavy rain, and my tent is on a sandy gravel base so the rain water was flowing past my tent, thought I was going to wash away…but she held steady, felt kind of like an ocean liner in heavy seas, peaking out the tent windows wondering if I was about to be overtaken by water? Oh, and the firewood…no chance, even with a little unleaded gas experiment.

Have some good Top 5 ideas so far, keep them coming.

Daily cycle: 74.2km
Daily cycle time: 3hrs 52min

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  1. Reply Ralph & Grace Ann Aug 29,2013 12:41 am

    Excellent choice changing routes, much better shoulder and road width overall. The extra hills will be worth the view as well. Go Davey Go


  2. Reply Uncle Bob Aug 29,2013 12:48 am

    Top5 waitresses and why


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