Sherbrooke to Linwood 5

Left camp at 920am and enjoyed a 3 egg omelette in town, that’s my favourite start to a day. I think I have had enough peanut butter and honey bagels and oatmeal for a lifetime. Sherbrooke is well known for its “village” depicting live in the late 1800s, passed by a working lumber mill in the village. Last night I googled the Privateers song…did you know that while there is historical relevance to the 1778 timeframe, the character in the song longs for Sherbrooke, however Sherbrooke wasn’t founded till 1815? Artistic license I guess.


Some days there is a lot to see and others, like today are a little more about getting from point A to point B. Going from the eastern shore to the northern shore in one day seems like an accomplishment? I did expect it to be very challenging, so was happy when it wasn’t as hilly as expected. A couple good climbs but a lot of flat road, however sometimes not in the best of condition and not a lot to look at. Locals put me on to a spring fed water source where I filled all my bottles, haven’t done that since the mountains in BC.


Took a slightly longer route to pass the Famous Ma Webb’s Steakhouse. Ian, didn’t know you were from the East? Figured any place with the menu on the placemat has got to be great! Note to self: next country club I work at we are putting the menu on the placemat, cost efficient LOL. 245pm and I am having a late lunch, steak it is…for $19.95 had one of the best 10oz bone in rib steaks I have eaten. Spiced wonderfully, cooked perfectly and served to me in 10min! Spring water now steak lunch…

Found camp at 450pm on the Northern coast of NS, about 30km east of Antigonish, an area called Linwood. Met a nice dutch lady cycling 5 weeks on NS and PEI, she has cycled all over the world included 11 months in Asia.

I head onto Cape Breton tomorrow! As I come to an end of this amazing time I have started to compile some lists, top 5 or 10 moments etc. Would like to hear from everyone what lists you would like to see me document (oh, and keep it family friendly Peteski!)

Daily Cycle: 101.7km
Daily Cycle Time: 5hrs 9min

5 thoughts on “Sherbrooke to Linwood

  1. Reply Tal Czudner Aug 28,2013 1:14 am

    Hey Mainer. I would like to hear the top 5 friendliest towns you visited. I am kind of assuming you will list top beers, dinners and bouncy castles.


  2. Reply Tim Aug 28,2013 12:51 pm

    Top 5 moments that made you proud to be a Canadian!


  3. Reply John Mickle Aug 28,2013 12:55 pm

    Hey David: How about top 5 provinces re. the condition of their roads including biker friendliness overall condition etc. . . Cheers – John Mickle


  4. Reply Paul Morrell Aug 28,2013 6:21 pm

    top 5 places to re-visit. top 5 places never to visit again


  5. Reply wyeacrosscanada Aug 28,2013 11:55 pm

    How about your 5 favourite cycling buddies!? 😉


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