Truro to Halifax 1

While falling asleep last night I could hear something trampling down branches and underbrush about 20ft from my tent. I was on the edge of the forest so not surprising, wasn’t too concerned, likely a deer…I hope? Slept in this morning and hit the road at 10am to a slight headwind and a sunny hot day.
Soon into the days ride I met Victor who has also been cycling from Vancouver. He is doing what “we cycle tourists” call credit card touring. He has a couple lightly packed bags on the back of the bike; stays in hotels/motels and eats at restaurants everywhere. He is in his last day today as he finishes in Halifax. Nice to hear he had mixed emotions about the finish. Happy the goal is accomplished but sad it’s over. Note my new jersey sporting the NS flag, purchased at a bike shop in Truro. Proudly representing…

Life certainly has cross roads and this sign made me think of the many decisions I have made in my life and will have to make in the future. Funny how such a simple thing can get you thinking, especially when all I have is time to think. This time I made a poor choice and decided to ride the transcanada for 40km…way too busy, everyone exceeding 120km/hr and small shoulder. Should have stayed on the secondary hwy.

Once I got off the main hwy and on to Waverly Rd I really enjoyed the ride. It followed along several of the lakes in the Dartmouth area. I spent an hour swimming at this beach cooling off, with only 20km to go.


My route took me by Lake Banook where many crews were practising; sat and watched them for a while with interest. Kind of like Nascar i was hoping for a crash (or spill in this case). No luck. It looked like there were several rowing clubs located on this small lake. Just down the road I boarded the ferry to take me across to Halifax. Once across I parked myself at a pub for a pint of Halifax’s finest…as you would. (Classic Maritime saying I was first introduced to by me good friend Jeff Whelan).

Yes this is my right leg, example of what’s called chain smear…every day I try to get this off, surprised I still have skin in this area!

Found the hostel, then headed out for some east coast music and maybe a couple pints? Looking forward to a couple days off in one of my favourite cities.

Daily cycle; 91.3km
Daily cycle time: 4 hrs 41min

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  1. Reply sabine Aug 24,2015 10:57 pm

    Why a chain smear everyday!?


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