Northumberland PP to Truro, NS 2

What a beautiful picture to wake up to…heard the horn of the first Ferry of the day leave port at 630am. Too nice a campsite to rush the morning so I waited to get on the 930am Ferry. Enjoyed my oatmeal breakfast and large mug of hot tea with a short walk on the beach.


The Ferry ride is about 75min long and 26km. PEI doesn’t charge you to get on to the island, at least they didn’t by bridge, it cost me $20 on a bike to take the Ferry off the island. A beautiful sunny day so I spent my at sea time on the upper deck and managed to catch a peak at a dolphin jumping along side the Ferry.

Once on land it was the Transcanada all the way to Truro. Not much of a view, back to lots of vehicles and the menacing sound of the transports flying by. Thankfully a decent size and well paved shoulder made me feel safe. Heading inland, my fears on a long climb were realized. That and a strong headwind made today a challenge. I am not sure I have had to grind the peddles this hard since northern Ontario? Not that this was anywhere close to as hilly, just that I haven’t seen many long continuous climbs with headwind since then. My journey through eastern Ontario and Quebec was relatively tame with many tailwinds.

I arrived at my campsite at 630pm, already thinking how comfy my sleeping bag will be! I am about 90km from Halifax and will have a couple days of rest at the Hostel in town. Betty is booked in into Halifax Cycle Gallery for a couple days at the spa and I hope to catch up with colleagues Heidi and Kevin. The famous Lower Deck and Split Crow Pubs will be part of my tour, as will Pizza Corner! Oh and I am sure I’ll check out the Citadel and other historic spots as well…

Daily Cycle: 90.7km
Daily Cycle time: 5hrs 21min

2 thoughts on “Northumberland PP to Truro, NS

  1. Reply Gaston Essiambre Aug 22,2013 3:33 pm

    Dave, when in Halifax you need to go to the King of Donair, 6422 Quinnpool Road,,,,,less than 2 km from Citadel Hill. Also need to visit the bars on Grafton Street.



  2. Reply sabine Aug 23,2015 11:27 am

    Betty at the spa! Such fun reading :). I laugh. Often 🙂


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