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A gorgeous morning again, been making up for all the rain in the west. Hope it lasts another three weeks! Left for the road at 10am, thought better of trying to navigate the 12% grade loose gravel downhill and went down the ninth hole of the golf course! I was just imagining any of the superintendents I have worked with snapping at the image of a guy on a bike cycling down their ninth fairway…well I wouldn’t really call this one as having a fairway? On my way down I got about 10 mosquito bites, and that’s riding a bike, imagine playing this course…they would carry you away.

I cycled the transcanada hwy today even though it was a longer journey because it followed the coastline and I knew there was a good shoulder to ride on. Had my first ever Donair Burger at a canteen near Belfast! Let’s just all agree that Donair sauce makes everything that much better. Unfortunately there were few views of the ocean on the ride…however my campsite made up for it!

Pulled into Northumberland Provincial Park about 2pm. Stunning campsite right on the beach. Went for my first swim in the ocean, continued walking at least 2km up the shoreline in ankle deep water, looking for shells, snails, clams, and anything else that made the beach home. At the far point, about 4pm and low tide I came across 5 seals sunning themselves on some rocks. Didn’t bring my iPhone to the beach sadly, but did get to within 50m of them as they stretched, rolled, and bounced on the rocks. Seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the summer days heat.


I write this blog in my tent, with the vents open so I can see the ocean, and its breeze blows through its a full moon so the tides are at their highest and lowest. Plan to finish off my 6th Vince Flynn novel to the sounds of the waves. Thanks Bryan Mudryk for the recommendation on the Mitch Rapp series…first fiction novels for me, usually a geeky business or leadership book. Thought I would try something different and I can’t put these books down. Shifting to world of sports TV, anyone catching the new Jay And Dan show on Fox…hilarious, the America’s won’t know what to think of these guys.

Only 3km from the ferry to Nova Scotia in the morning. Will be in Halifax for a couple days off starting Thursday.

Daily cycle: 56.7km
Daily cycle time: 2hrs 56min

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  1. Reply sabine Aug 23,2015 11:24 am

    Those 5 seals would have made great photos for your blog; iPhone – never leave home without it 😉 now…had you had a Nikon D5500…things would’ve been different out there :)))
    P.s. You really kill my desire for cross country avec bicyclette whenever there’s bug and mosquito stories. 10 bites!? :/


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