Borden Carleton to Stratford 2


A busy day that started with a return call from the dentist in Charlottetown confirming they could arrange a time for me in the afternoon. This was welcome news. I started my ride at 840am hoping to arrive at the dentist for 1pm. As expected I saw many fields of potatoes but was surprised by the number of corn and wheat fields. Guess that makes sense, just assumed everything was a spud field? I have cycled past many a farmer’s field but I think they appear more majestic because they are in PEI? Many great views of the Northumberland Strait along a rolling highway that had a couple small climbs to contend with. On my way I called several bike shops in Halifax as I am due for another set of tires, might make the distance but would rest easier knowing I had new rubber. First shop: sorry we don’t carry the Swalbe Marothon plus tire. Ok, that’s why I am calling 5 days ahead, can you order them for me. Sorry, we would need a bulk order and besides they would never make it here in time. Hang up confused and call shop number two: sorry we don’t have them in stock. Ok, can you order them in for me? Well, they would take at least 7 days to get here. Scratching my head, (remember I am on the side of a hwy making these calls) I say, really, I believe the distribution store is in Quebec City, worst case Toronto, does shipping work differently out east than in the rest of the country i say trying with all my ability to get my sarcasm checked. No the young says. Well why is it Selkirk, MB can get them in three days and it would take so long in Halifax? Where’s Selkirk sir? Exactly I say…well I would have to phone the order in today and there is no guarantee they would make it in time. I pass on the obvious, yes that’s how a lot of orders are processed much like I am calling you now trying to order a product and say, if need be I would be willing to pay a little extra to ensure three day shipping even though we have 5 days? Not sure we allow that sir? Ok, look, I am working really hard here to give you money for a product I need and you are doing everything possible to not allow this transaction to occur; can you do this? Well, our shipping/ordering guy isn’t in. Oh, when does he come in I’ll speak to him. He could be in today but maybe not till Friday, we are having a few issues with him. OK, more info than a potential customer needs and all I can think is I hope this isn’t normal business process for the Maritimes? I politely thank the young man and say I’ll try another shop. He says, ok, if you don’t find anything let me know and we can order them in for you. REALLY! Next shop had them in stock…all set for a tune up and new rubber on Friday in Halifax. Another time and this would have really frustrated me, this trip has put a lot into perspective and it only gave me a humorous pause. It does teach us all a lesson in training front line staff to understand all areas of the business. Realistically the shop i have tires reserved at will not only make a $150 sale on the tires but also another $50 in labour for a tune up and quite possibly a few other items (C02 canisters, butt cream, energy supplements etc).


Made it to Dr Stewarts dentist office just before 1pm and as expected my tooth was cracked. He was very surprised as it was a perfectly good tooth, normally a crack starts on a tooth with a filling in it. Also said it didn’t appear I ground my teeth badly? Any rate, a few needles of freezing and a pair of dental pliers and presto, one less tooth. A little freaky actually that he just clamps on to it, a few wiggles and some pulling and out it comes. Turns out the good Dr is also a cyclist so we chatted a while of the countryside and cycling. Discovered upon leaving that he waived all my fees for the extraction! Very nice of him and the team. The team reaffirmed my belief and understanding of customer service, not because of the waived fee but because I received a return call first thing in the morning and they found a way to fit me in. We all know how busy any doctors office is. Thank you.


2pm and a jaw that is frozen, found a nice bench in Victoria Park to rest for a couple hours while the blood clotted and the freezing went away. Headed over around 430pm to the Gahan Brew pub to try my hand at eating and drinking while the freezing was still 50%. Ordered some coconut shrimp and a seafood chowder. Managed to carefully get this down my throat and washed down with one of their IPAs.


Found my camp at about 6pm at the Vista View Golf Club. Thinking about playing nine in the morning! Had to walk Betty up a 500m steep hill, red gravel road. The silent and deadly killer in PEI is the mosquito! They ambushed me on this hill, knowing full well I needed both hands to push Betty up the hill. They are so bad that I set up camp and headed straight for the comfort of my tent. No campfires or enjoying the sunset tonight.

Daily Cycle: 70.4km
Daily Cycle time: 3hrs 20min

2 thoughts on “Borden Carleton to Stratford

  1. Reply Heather Aug 20,2013 1:11 am

    Dr Stewart is my dentist! Haha glad you were able to get in to see him! Hope you enjoyed Gahan!


  2. Reply sabine Aug 23,2015 11:33 am

    I would not want to be the kid on the phone with you while you order your tire :/
    Hilarious read. Loved it.
    Again with the mosquito stories…not cool 😉


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