Shediac to Borden Carleton, PEI 2

My ride started at 1020am after nursing a small hangover that I didn’t expect since I only had a couple drinks (it’s true your honour) but the mix of antibiotics and alcohol obviously took its toll as I was quite dehydrated this morning. Another beautiful day in the Maritimes, wide shoulder for most of the ride and a few quick views of the ocean. I started out on a secondary hwy that followed the coastline but it had no shoulder and the road was full of cracks and potholes. Back to the transcanada for a smooth but uneventful ride.

I follow a few different cyclist’s blogs and tweets, one of them is Craiggivesback. Craig was blind by the age of 15 and is riding a tandem recumbent bike across Canada for CNIB and guide dogs. I met Llyod and Bob, part of his team on the road today. Amazing story of courage and a really cool custom ride!


Unfortunately, or fortunately depending how you view cycling across a 13km narrow bridge with wind gusting across the side retainer, cyclists are not permitted on Confederation Bridge. Had to wait for a shuttle at the visitor centre and while doing so I was reunited with Sofi and Katie. You should have seen our faces as we pulled away with our bikes loaded on the shuttle trailer. Our anxiety levels were thru the roof, and I never get anxious. I think I would have preferred to put Betty in the shuttle and strap me to the trailer…everything worked out and we safely arrived in PEI. There is a small tourist trap of restaurants an stores just over the bridge and I was able to find a lobster roll for lunch with fries that I am sure tasted better because I am on Spud Island?

Didn’t go far on the island before I found a KOA to spend the night. Not exactly the red sand beach camping I had hoped but a nice relaxing night by a fire reading and blogging. Cycling to Charlottetown tomorrow and hoping to get in to see a dentist in the afternoon.

Daily cycle: 80.4km + 13km shuttle
Daily cycle time: 3hrs 24min

2 thoughts on “Shediac to Borden Carleton, PEI

  1. Reply Mike Aug 19,2013 11:39 pm

    Dave.. A good buddy of mine lives in Charlottetown. I might be able to hook you up with a bed while you recover


  2. Reply sabine Aug 19,2015 9:13 pm

    Your love for Betty…I’m almost jaleous! 😉


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