Miramichi to Shediac 2

Woke very refreshed and feeling a lot closer to my normal self. Slept in a little and headed out at 1020am. My tooth wasn’t bothering me as long as I didn’t bite down on my left side, noticed I wasn’t 100% yet, likely due to the shortage of food for the last few days. The good thing is I was feeling like eating, good start! Wish I could say this day was exciting but for the most part it was road and trees…very large paved shoulder though.

A few bridges to traverse over inlets from the ocean, nothing like the one in Miramichi. Largely uneventful day o cycling with the wind slightly helping and sunny skies. Take that any day.

Then I hit my destination, Shediac. I have been looking forward to this moment as to me it really signals the east coast. Hit camp at 520pm, set up and headed for town. I am about 40km from confederation bridge to PEI and at the home of the largest lobster…now my appetite is back, feeling like a maritime feed.

Oh ya…half litre of Sauvignon Blanc (thank you Amy Morrell for picking my wine), 1.5lbs of Homard and a pound of muscles while sitting on a patio overlooking the Northumberland Strait. Carefully my incisors cut through the soft, sweet meat soaked in butter and my right side ground down the rest. Once I got a little too excited and bit down on my left side…head tilting pain, didn’t do that again. There is a good chance when I woke this morning my dinner was being caught! I know you think this cycle touring thing is hard work, and it is, but when you have moments like this it really feels like vacation. Life is good.

Daily cycle: 117.6km
Daily cycle time: 5hrs 4min

2 thoughts on “Miramichi to Shediac

  1. Reply Teresa Aug 18,2013 1:19 am

    That is some mouth watering dinner! Glad you’re starting to feel better.


  2. Reply Pamela Drouillard Aug 19,2013 11:20 pm

    You seemed to have picked up a little French o your way through QC!


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