Shediac to Borden Carleton, PEI 2

Shediac to Borden Carleton, PEI
My ride started at 1020am after nursing a small hangover that I didn’t expect since I only had a couple drinks (it’s true your honour) but the mix of antibiotics and alcohol obviously took its toll as I was quite dehydrated this morning. Another beautiful day in the Maritimes, wide shoulder for most of the ...

Miramichi to Shediac 2

Miramichi to Shediac
Woke very refreshed and feeling a lot closer to my normal self. Slept in a little and headed out at 1020am. My tooth wasn’t bothering me as long as I didn’t bite down on my left side, noticed I wasn’t 100% yet, likely due to the shortage of food for the last few days. The ...

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