My first injury setback… 1

I have been troubled by a sensitive back molar for most of the trip, every so often I bite down and get a shooting pain. Normal for me, I chose to ignore it and assumed I would see a dentist when I returned from this journey. I did not expect a tooth was going to be the injury that laid me up on this trip! The last couple days it changed from a shooting pain every so often to a constant pain, to the point last evening where I wasn’t able to chew. Thanks to some help from Angela Mahoney I found a dentist in Bathurst and begged her to see me early this morning. After she poked around and I hit my head on the ceiling she knew I wasn’t faking my pain! X-rays and more exploring told the tale…a cracked tooth that will likely need to be removed. Before it can I need to bring the swelling around it down so she has me on antibiotics and Tylenol 3. I am now looking into dentists in Charlottetown to have it removed. Just how I wanted to spend a day off in PEI, removing a tooth! The pain is currently so bad that when I cycled to and from the dentist this morning I could feel every crack and bump in the road shoot thru my jaw. The lovely dentist did say within 24hrs the antibiotics will bring down the swelling and alleviate the pain so unfortunately I am going to spend the day in my hotel room. Sadly I don’t think drinking beer is listed on the pill containers as a good thing to mix?

Betty is in the room, on the other bed laughing at me because it isn’t her this time needing repair!


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  1. Reply sabine Aug 19,2015 9:06 pm

    Lol! Betty got her own bed!!!!? šŸ˜‰ lucky Betty.


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