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Hostels are a great experience but ultimately it is a shared dorm room and with that comes inconsiderate people. Two younger couples checked in about 10pm last night while I was reading in my bed with a night light on. On came all the lights, which was ok since I wasn’t asleep, but they kept coming and going till midnight even though my light was now off and it was obvious I was trying to sleep. Worse yet they retired to the common living room at midnight and came to the dorm room at 330am, in and out of the washroom, lights on and off, doors opening and closing! Needless to say when I awoke at 730am my bike shoes made a lot of noise on the wood and ceramic floors for about a half hour!

After making as much fuss as I could in my dorm I was on my way by 9am. Didn’t have much more than a breakfast bar so was keen on finding a breakfast cafe. Nothing in my way out of Campbellton, but did find one in Dalhousie.


While having breakfast I met three lovely ladies, Monie, Marie and Patricia Noel. They, like many people on the road, were very interested in my journey. Marie, again like many I have met has conquered breast cancer. Monie gave me an Acadian flag as August 15 is a day of celebration in Acadia country…kind of like Canada Day for Acadians. I haven’t seen his much pride in their heritage anywhere in Canada (well maybe Saskatchewan Roughrider Fans?) Almost every household has some form of Blue, White and Red.

Most of my ride today on hwy 134 was along the banks of the Chaleur Bay. While not much of a shoulder there was little traffic, reminded me a lot of the roads in northern Manitoba.

I noticed a drastic difference in the church’s within the small towns here. Not sure if it is the religion or simply the funding but they are not near a focal part of the community as they were in the rural Quebec towns.

Could not believe that Pizza Delight and Dixie Lee were still in business. Both were in Ridgetown in the 80s but long since gone.

With rain starting tonight and a lot more due tomorrow I opted for a hotel in Bathurst. Arrived at 430pm, cleaned up and headed out to a restaurant in search of lobster. Found a place on the boardwalk called Necter and had a very tasty lobster sandwich on sourdough bread. Washed it down with a Fredericton beer (Picaroons) that will make my top 10 list. Unless the weather surprises me I will likely be off cycling tomorrow.

Thank you to Gaston who provided a detailed history of the Donaire in the comment section of my last blog. I even learned a few things about one of my favourite east coast delights.

Daily cycle: 117km
Daily cycle time: 5hrs 15min

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  1. Reply John Mickle Aug 14,2013 3:33 pm

    Thanks Gaston for describing the “donair”. . . I left you a short note in David’s last blog


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