Sainte Luce to Val Brillant 2

Left Sainte Luce at 10am with clear skies and another strong west wind. The girls decided to take a well deserved rest day after nonstop cycling from Montreal. The first 20km to Mont Joli followed the St Lawrence, that looked more like the ocean than a river with its tidal affects and water as far as I could see.


As I worked my way inland there were hills to deal with. A fellow cyclist reminded me on this trip to follow the rivers whenever possible as that will be the flattest route, water doesn’t flow up and down hills well! Good chance i learned this in a hydraulics class 2nd year Engineering? But sometimes other fluids cloud my memory so always good to be reminded. I climbed about 300m in elevation today, a far cry from the mountains and not the constant up and down of northern Ontario, but the only hills I have encountered thus far in Quebec.

I enjoyed what could be my last Poutine for the trip at a Poutine Truck off the hwy. There is a reason I don’t eat Poutine in Ontario, not because of the health risk, but that it just doesn’t compare to the cheesy goodness in QC. This time I was smart and ordered the Petit size…barely was able to finish it.


I pulled into my camp for the evening at 330pm on Lac Matapedia. My site is right in the waterfront and is overlooked by the town Church. Not sure how I get so lucky but an Irish Pub is on the campground property!

Today marks the last day of my 12th week on the road and is my last full day of cycling in Quebec. I will enter NB tomorrow after close to 6000km and will finish my journey on Sept 12, one month from now.

Daily cycle: 75.9km
Daily cycle time: 3hrs 26min

2 thoughts on “Sainte Luce to Val Brillant

  1. Reply Carol Gibson Aug 12,2013 3:24 am

    Really enjoying your blogs Dave. What a wonderful chance to see what an amazing and diverse country we call home. You are reaching the home stretch so keep up the good work. your spirits seem great and you sound like you are really enjoying yourself more now than at the beginning of your trip. Love hearing about all the great diners and dives along the way.
    Stay safe.


  2. Reply John Mickle Aug 12,2013 2:50 pm

    Have read every blog do far David. . . What a great trip you are having! I know you do not need this reminder but please keep safety in mind. Looking forward to seeing you George P.’s retirement function at St. Georges in September. . . Cheers – John Mickle


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