Rivière du Loup to Sainte Luce 2


My day started at 10am, with strong winds from the west! It is starting to cool off as I get closer to the east coast, highs if 20deg will start to be rare.


Lunch today was at a cheese factory…smoked salmon, mackerel and cheese bread. Timmies can’t beat this!

I am not sure I will get bored of the beautiful Quebec countryside. So many great views of the river, farmland and now a distinct east coast feel as I type this blog sitting in front of a rocky beach campfire, the tide receding, the smell of seaweed and a stiff cool breeze. Tough for life to get better than this, it will be a moment I look back on many times.



The winds were so strong today that at 35-40km/hr there were times I felt I was in equilibrium with the wind, not feeling any sensation of it as I quickly glided along. More than once I reached 45km/hr on the flats and hit my highest speed on the trip of 71.5km/hr on a downhill close to Rimouski.

Soon after Rimouski we found a bike trail and some side roads that followed the river closely. Very few cars, easy peddling, the salty air and sound of the waves hitting shore. Lets recap bike touring in Rural Quebec: cheese factories, microbreweries, mountains, ocean air, river, best cycling roads in Canada.



We pulled into our campsite just into Sainte Luce at 6pm and i discovered the owner had suffered from breast cancer. They were generous to provide our nights stay complimentary and let me use their BBQ to cook a TBone I had bought for dinner. Add to that a SAQ across the street for a couple microbrew pints and the evening couldn’t be any better. What a way to cap off a day of cycling. As I finish this blog the tide has receded another 75m. Not sure if the picture will do it justice.

Heading inland tomorrow towards NB, only a couple more days in QC, just when I learned how to order chocolate milk and not get hot chocolate!

Daily cycle: 131.3km
Daily cycle time: 4hrs 55min

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  1. Reply Bob Aug 11,2013 1:40 pm

    I remember you very good at Spanish either


  2. Reply Angela Aug 11,2013 2:20 pm

    Can’t beat the East Coast air!!!!


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