L’Islet sur Mer to Rivière du Loup 2

Woke to the sound of rain on my tent at about 630am. Luckily a major thunderstorm, that on the radar looked to span over 100km, passed just to the south. Started cycling at 10am, a little cooler day so had long sleeve shirt on, been a while for that. By the end of the day it had dipped below 14deg with a fog that rolled in off of the St Lawrence. Damp and cool, starting to feel more like the east coast.


Today was unexpectedly one of my better days riding. While it was cool and there was a slight headwind, the landscape was invigorating. Purple and yellow wildflower on the road side set off by farmers fields that included some vibrant yellow fields of canola. High cliffs in the background to the right and the St Lawrence to the left, so wide it looked more like the ocean.


With about 35km to go we were very excited to see a microbrewery on our route. I had a dark Belgian style ale with old cheese and smoked salmon jerky. The combination of beer and salmon jerky was awesome and carried my cycling straight thru nonstop to camp.

Made it into camp at 630pm, toured thru the small town of Rivière du Loup to get to camp along the river.

Found a friend for the evening in Mr Macallan. His friend Mr Talisker made it all the way to Manitoba from Vancouver. The SAQ had a nice selection to choose from. Feels like its going to be a cold evening, the fire helps the outside of my body as the scotch warms inside. I will give Sofi and Katie a lot of kudos, for 20 something women they love their craft beers, particularly IPAs, as well as their scotch. Mind you they didn’t have a cup to drink the scotch out of so they just took turns on the bottle…classic!

Daily Cycle: 117.5km
Daily Cycle Time: 5hrs 33min

2 thoughts on “L’Islet sur Mer to Rivière du Loup

  1. Reply Bob Aug 10,2013 12:40 pm

    Athletic and they like to drink? Do they have jobs too Dave?


  2. Reply sab Aug 10,2015 2:00 pm

    I love how you describe the landscape. Sounds very…invigorating! 🙂


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