Quebec City to L’Islet sur Mer 4

Morning rain delayed my start till 1115am. Interesting riding through the busy wet cobblestone streets of Quebec City on my way to the Ferry to Levis. One particular downhill that had to be at least a 12% grade, I was white knuckled on the brakes the whole way down. Once across the river I picked up a bike path for about 10km then hwy 132 which was just as great to bike as the previous Quebec hwys. Very happy!

After taking abuse from Doug Walker on my light salad lunches in QC I decided Poutine with ground beef and onions was in order. Ordered the medium! Barely put a dent in it but it was amazing. Doug was right, who was I kidding thinking white wine went better with smoked salmon salad. I was entertainment for a 9 year old boy who spoke about as much English as I did French. We each tried to communicate to each other in each others language, lots of laughing. In the end I took a picture in his phone of him on my bike, he had his little bmx bike out ready to cycle with me!

Do French cows not understand English? Every cow I passed in the west would follow my progress past their field. I would Mooo and they would jump to attention and watch me pass…their heads all turning in unison. In Quebec I Mooo and they just keep eating or lying down? Are they anti-English separatist cows or are they smarter than the average western cow? Betty was no help on this one, she just thinks I am crazy for trying to communicate with cows.

Relatively flat ride today with a gentle tailwind made riding easy. Arrived at my camp by 430pm. Sofi and Katie arrived soon after and we shared a site, always nice to cut the costs in half! We took in a country line dance at the camp, well actually we had a couple beers and listened to the bad music. The camp in on the banks of the St Lawrence, very picturesque.

Daily cycle: 84.4km
Daily cycle time: 3hrs 40min

4 thoughts on “Quebec City to L’Islet sur Mer

  1. Reply Walker Aug 9,2013 1:12 pm

    Now that’s more like it! That’s the MEDIUM poutine?!? Does the large come in a wheelbarrow? There should be lots of great little greasy spoon gems waiting for you in the Maritimes. Roadside lobster taco perhaps?


  2. Reply Bob Aug 9,2013 1:17 pm

    Have you tried la moo?


  3. Reply Pamela Drouillard Aug 9,2013 2:20 pm

    According to Naked Translations French cows say “meuh (myrrh)” But I like Bob’s suggestion.


    • Reply sabine Aug 8,2015 2:58 pm

      I’m in stitches reading your blog and the replies!!! La moo … La lmao!
      Poutine looks soooo good. Why haven’t we visited Quebec yet? That poutine is reason ‘nough.
      And …it all makes sense now…how you moo every time we pass cows…hilarious!


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