2 days in Quebec City 2

My expectations for Quebec City were high and it met all but a few of my hopes. People say it is as close to Europe as Canada gets, while I have never been I imagine this is what it would feel like.



The city is divided into the lower section and upper then by inside the wall and outside the wall. The lower section is near the river, has narrow cobble stone streets, lots of shops and restaurants. The upper area has more churches, chateau Frontenac, and is very hilly. The wall was built by the British after they took over the city. This culminated after the battle on the Plaines of Abraham (that would last only 20min) and General Wolfe and Montcolm died. The British soon realized that the French weren’t their concern it was the Americans! The citadel was built over a ten year period just after the war of 1812.


Je Me Souviens translates to I will remember is on the coat of arms of Quebec (and their license plates). I understand a little more why there is so much pride amoung the French, they all know and remember their past. The fleur de lis, lion and maple leaf represent the time periods of French, British and Canadian rule.



Not hard to guess these classic tourist spots in the city, chateau Frontenac, the parliament and the statue of Champlain.

Notre Dame cathedral is very impressive, even for a non church goer. Stunning architecture, leaves you in a moment of contemplation that strikes you with a power that is definitely deeply seeded in faith (catholic or not).


I spent the mornings touring the historic sites such as the citadel, the wall, parliament, the plaines and a couple of cultural museums. Lunch both days was on a small patio, white wine and a light salad. That led into strolling the streets from park to patio (who’s kidding who, there was beer on each patio) reading and people watching. Only disappointing part was the wine lists were weaker than I expected. Some reason I thought I would see a wide selection of wines (particularly French). Most restaurants only had three or four by the glass selections and not many more by the bottle. Also find it odd you can’t find hard ice cream anywhere, lots of gelato and soft ice cream? During the evenings I took in a light show, fireworks and a free 45min Cirq de Soliel show. Tonight I met Sophie and Katie from Hamilton who are cycling across Canada. We have been following each others blogs for a while now. It was great to finally put a face to a blog. Likely ride a couple days with them?

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  1. Reply Terry Goss Aug 8,2013 12:03 pm

    Hi David: Great job man. I was wondering if your route is going to take you close to Sackville NB or Stellarton NS. I have friends in both & could alert them of your mission & E T A if you are going their way. Take Care Terry


  2. Reply Walker Aug 8,2013 12:36 pm

    “Light salad”?? This has been the weakest episode of the Canadian Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives series so far. What have the Francophones done with the Mainer we know and love?!?


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