Trois Rivière to Quebec City

I must have been over served in Trois Rivière Saturday night because I never published the blog I finished! It’s up now…fast forward to Sunday morning in 3 Rivers:


Spent the morning Sunday working off my hangover, way too many amazing Quebec strong beers. I will do a beer post soon with all the beers I have tried and my top 10. Started with a walk along the river then crepes on a patio.



The afternoon was spent wondering thru the town, checking out the Jail museum and the Quebec culture museum. Learned about a popular TV sitcom in Quebec called Le Petite Vie, while it was in French I can see why it was so acclaimed. It follows the life of a family, plays up on a lot of the Quebec idiosyncrasies; kind of a modern French Archie Bunker? The jail was interesting, really got an impression of incarcerated life from the 1800s to mid 1900s. The etching in the wall translates to “I lived, I suffered, now I hate”. I had dinner with four gents from Brantford who are part of a crew of 8 who are cycling a loop of Quebec. Each year they pick a different week long tour. I was supposed to meet the rest of the gang tonight in QC however tragedy beset them as one of the gentleman died today of a heart attack. My thoughts go out to them and their families as they are all close friends, curl in the winters together and cycle in summers.

My dad and his three brothers (Ted, Dean and Bob) got together today in Kingston with other family to celebrate the life of my great aunt Connie. She was a fabulous lady, always full of energy and carried a great smile with her everywhere. Sadly I was not able to attend but I did get to chat with everyone by phone!

Today I headed off at 9am from 3 Rivers with a tailwind and sunny skies. My route (hwy 138) followed the St Lawrence river most of the way to Quebec City.


I passed through many small towns that date back to the mid 1600s including Champlain – all had a magnificent church.


Today was another perfect cycling day and the countryside was beautiful. Many views of the river, surrounding farmland, small towns every 10-20km and these two horses enjoying the sunshine.

Started to think about what it will feel like to finish this journey. Part of me will be sad it’s finished however I am having moments where I miss the normalcy of life. Makes you appreciate the daily grind and what it offers us? Looking forward to that and know I will catch myself daydreaming about this trip in the future. It challenges me in every sense imaginable.


Arrived in the city about 430pm after a short but very steep climb. I am off being a tourist for two days as I have been looking forward to being here since the start. Met up with David from Calgary who I cycled with a few weeks back. We enjoyed dinner on the lower side of the city…from what I have seen so far I am going to really enjoy my stay here!

Daily cycle: 134.2km
Daily cycle time: 5hrs 41min

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