Joliette to Trois Rivière

Today was all about dodging the thunderstorms…didn’t leave until noon today waiting out the morning rain. There were waves of Tstorms with sunshine between, a very odd day that provided for a great day.

The smells of farm land abound on my journey today, the damp winds reminding me a little of Alberta and Saskatchewan but with more population? Irregardless of the thunderstorms I managed to avoid getting wet as they passed my way on my ride. The first was while I was replacing my trailer tire tube on a farmers front lawn (with his permission of course). Amazing how a little French and some hand signals explain what I needed. He offered me his large garage to take cover from the rain and brought out muffins and water for me! Neither of us knowing each others language (him more than me if you can imagine).


I thought I was seeing things as I pulled into this parking lot near Yamachiche! The General Lee with Rosco P Coltrane’s sherif mobile. Trust me it doesn’t take much to get me excited, and this made my day.

My trip is more complete now that I have chased rainbows today! Hwy 138 was just as great as 148 and 158 for cyclists. Lunch today was the classic La Belle Province restaurant for smoked meat sandwich and a Pepsi. Dinner in 3 Rivers was at an Irish pub (that has over 50 craft brews) for stew while listening to the bands playing in the street as this weekend is a music festival!

Staying at the hostel in town and plan to work my hangover off tomorrow being a tourist, learning about the Plaines D’Abraham.

Daily cycle: 96.7km
Daily cycle time: 3hrs 44min

NOTE: the illiterate English is on purpose to rouse a few friends and relatives.

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