Montebello to Joliette – Part 2 2

For some reason my entire blog was not posted last night? Picking up from what was posted…after our proper breakfast we were on our way. Cycling conditions were perfect, hwy 158 had wide smooth shoulders, tailwind and very flat terrain. I was surprised how flat it was, in retrospect it is the flood plain of the river?

In Lachute I introduced Paul to the delicacy that is Poutine. Lunch was a hotdog fully dressed (including coleslaw), Poutine and a coke. The cheese curds were awesome… Helps we were cycling another 90km after this lunch but we did need a half hour to let it settle!

I cycled with Paul until Saint Jerome where he headed south towards Montreal. Happy for my English mate as he is rather smitten with a girl from Montreal who he spent a week with in Jasper. Cool story as they originally met in Europe at a hostel and stayed in touch.

The settlers of this area must have really liked their Saints because every city we passed through was Saint Something (Phillipe, Sophie, Lin…birthplace of sir Wilfred Laurier, Jerome, Canut, Esprit, Alexis, and Jacques).

My destination for the evening was Joliette. As there were few campsites in the area I spent the evening at Chateau Joliette, one of the only hotels in the city?

With Ontario behind me, all 2424km of it, 23 cycling days, I want to CONGRATULATE everyone as you helped reach our goal by Ottawa! $10,440 raised thus far. Thank you everyone for the support, both financial and words of encouragement. I am not stopping so lets keep passing the word around as it would be awesome to reach $15K!!!

Daily cycle: 149.7km
Daily cycle time: 5hrs 41min

2 thoughts on “Montebello to Joliette – Part 2

  1. Reply Teresa Aug 3,2013 11:58 pm

    Poutine is to die for and even better if the curds are from St Albert, ON.


  2. Reply sabine Aug 5,2015 5:46 pm

    Mmmmm…cheese curds.
    Way to go! You must’ve been so excited passing the $10k goal.


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