Day in Ottawa 2

My day started out with a lot of promise and eagerness to peddle on…then I met up with Paul outside the parliament buildings for the changing of the guard. I cycled with Paul during my first week in the trip so we had a lot to catch up on, and it was a beautiful sunny day in our nations capital.

Amoung many stops at places that served liquid refreshment we hit Beavertails (twice actually)!


If you ever wanted to find out what it was like to stay in a old school jail cell come to the hostel in Ottawa, it is the old jail. Really cool, six bunk beds in each cell, bars on all the windows and doors.

Paul and I missed the 1pm group Yoga class they hold on the lawn of Parliament…not that we knew what we were doing but at least 1000 people (majority women in LuLuLemon), would have been worth at least observing? We did make the evening light show that uses Parliament as a backdrop an over a half hour tells of many historical moments in Canadian history (confederation, 1812, famous authors and artists, Terry Fox, winning goals etc). I have decided that Ottawa is a city I could easily live in!

After only 6km yesterday back cycling today…forecast rain all day? Oh well, price I pay for an amazing day yesterday.

Daily cycle: 6km
Daily cycle time: 16min

2 thoughts on “Day in Ottawa

  1. Reply Pamela Aug 1,2013 3:41 pm

    Glad you stopped to smell the roses (and drink the beer) in our nation’s capital. I’m sure it was a day well spent.


  2. Reply sabine Aug 1,2015 2:02 pm

    Ottawa!? Seriously!? Maybe for retirement or to raise the kids(you don’t have) 😉


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