Sharbot Lake to Ottawa 2

Enjoyed a few nice tours of the lake over the past few days!

Last night a thunderstorm passed through and left us with a full rainbow. If you can zoom in to the picture there is a hawk with a fish in its talons!

Bob dropped me off at the highway for 7am and I was on my way after 5 days off. Decided to take the back roads thru Wesport, Perth and Richmond on my way to Ottawa. Not sure how my legs would react after so much time off and 140km to ride. I felt it after about 100km, not enough to slow me down but enough to know I will be stiff come morning. I didn’t realize what I passed by near Dwyer Hill, it was well fortified and didn’t allow pictures. Thought at first it was a prison but there was too much security! Turns out it is the Joint Task Force 2 where the counter terrorism forces are trained.

When I arrived in Ottawa I quickly found one of the many bike paths and cycled my last 15km along the Ottawa river. Ottawa is often touted as the biking capital of Canada and I can see why. Bike paths and lanes everywhere!

Tonight I am staying with my cousin Rob and visited with his girlfriend Teresa and his mom (my aunt) Amy. She is 89 years young and sharp as a tack!

This was my last full day of cycling in Ontario. I have cycled 2420km in this province with 23 cycle days. I crossed into Ontario on June 27! It still amazes me how large It is, almost 1/3 of my entire trip.

Daily cycle: 145.7km
Daily cycle time: 6hrs 38min

2 thoughts on “Sharbot Lake to Ottawa

  1. Reply Lenny Jul 31,2013 3:18 am

    We’re going to be near Sharbot Lake on Sunday and then Perth in a week. Too bad we missed you. Ontario’s done, no biggie. Ride on!


  2. Reply June Giancursio Aug 1,2013 2:15 am

    Just finished a solo road trip by car from Mississauga to just outside of Regina.. Wanted to say I have a new respect for what you are accomplishing. …I took basically the same route you did, thought of you every day…the soft shoulders, the no shoulders, the no cell service, the weather!! Keep up this great journey and I hope people will continue to support this important cause..


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