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Well I am still hanging my hat (fishing rod) at the cottage on Bob’s Lake, about 65km north of Kingston. I was planning on cycling today but a 60L dry bag I ordered from Vancouver to replace the worn carry bag (that wasn’t waterproof) didn’t arrive by FedEx as expected on Friday. Looks like I am here till Tuesday morning (not really complaining!). Could be a lot worse than chilling at the cottage, only issue will be my legs wanting to peddle again on Tuesday?

Meet Bo…a chocolate lab that will fetch a stick, or in this case a split log continuously from the water. He is just shy of crazy and has the life of a cottage dog. Never having a leash and no cares in the world short of who will throw the next stick in the water.

And when no one will throw it for him he takes it upon himself to to it. I just missed videoing him push the log in the water, you can watch the “where did it go what do I do now” dance he does before jumping in to retrieve his prize.

Friday night was a night on the town with Rich, Paul and Beaver (yes, name is really Beaver)…we destroyed a nice 1.5L bottle of Californian Red at the Keg then tried our hand at drinking all the beer left in Kingston. My headache Saturday morning told me that we succeeded.

Saturday morning I picked up Betty from a local cycle shop as she now needed a new back wheel and hub. On the last few kms on Wednesday she blew out the spoke frame and the whole wheel went squirrelly. Another $140 and I had a stronger one installed, switched the back and front rubber as the back one wears quicker. She should be ready to tackle the task Tuesday. Not sure if any original parts are going to be on Betty when I am done this trip, she has been in for a lot if repairs all part of the experience.

Saturday night we headed to the home of Dora’s sister in the Cornwall area. A wonderful time meeting Linda and Pam (two of Dora’s sisters) and their husbands Larry and Bob. We Face Timed with Dora’s other sister Jana after dinner as well. Dora seemed so relaxed and happy around her family, it was great to see as she doesn’t always have great days due to her recovery and a reoccurring arthritis issue. Dora is doing as well as expected, hair growing back, her energy level up enough to work a full week, and her sense of humour is not lost. This has been a wonderful break so far, and enough inspiration to finish the last leg of about 3000km to St John’s.

2 thoughts on “Still at the cottage

  1. Reply Paul Morrell Jul 31,2013 2:29 pm

    Dave – fun times Friday
    It was great to see you. hope to catch up with you in a few weeks


  2. Reply sabine Jul 27,2015 11:56 am

    You caught a wonderful break at the cottage. Bo!!! The video had me laughing out loud. He is as you described him to a T! Looking forward to our mini vacay at the cottage 🙂


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