Port Perry to Havelock 2

Enjoyed a sleep in till 8am this morning then a boat ride with Marcel on Lake Scugog. Elayne made a steak and egg breakfast for me before being dropped back off on hwy 7A around 1030am.

Lots of rolling hills and farm land in the Peterborough area. Thought I might be able to cycle hwy 115 into town but there is no shoulder and it’s a two lane busy hwy so turned around and found the back road and bike trails thru Peterborough. This added about 10km to my trip but was a very enjoyable route.


Perfect timing meeting up with Joe in town as the skies were about to open up. It poured for about an hour as we caught up on each others lives. Joe and I took our MBA together and we were in most group projects together…a lifelong friendship. He tried his hand at piloting Betty, not as easy as he thought pulling 60lbs on a bike!

Found the campsite just east of Havelock at 745pm. It’s on a beautiful lake that is closed off from the Trent waterways. While setting up camp I met Kevin from Peterborough who offered a cold beer at his RV when I was done setting up. Magic words, didn’t have to ask twice. Spent the evening with his family and friends. This trip has afforded me the opportunity to meet so many generous people. As I never like to end a night it was tough to pull myself away from the fire, beer and great conversation. Focus Dave…cottage tomorrow for a few days!

Daily cycle: 121.6km
Daily cycle time: 5hrs 22min

2 thoughts on “Port Perry to Havelock

  1. Reply Bob main Jul 24,2013 9:46 am

    You’re in god’s country now
    Dave. . See you tomorrow


  2. Reply Paul Morrell Jul 24,2013 7:51 pm

    See you in Kingston Friday…..


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