Alliston to Port Perry 3

What a perfect day for cycling. Morning started off cool at 830am as I cycled through the lessor used county roads near Alliston. Passed thru Tottenham, Schomberg, Kettleby, then on to Aurora.



Passed over Hwy 400, forgot how busy the 400 series hwys are. Biked a short distance on Yonge street and forced myself to take a picture of the street sign. It was odd today biking in an area I knew so well, Yonge street is just another street to me, but it is a big deal when crossing Canada. Enjoyed lunch with two of my closer colleagues and friends, Anne and Glenn. I worked with Anne at Brampton GC and Beacon Hall and with Glenn at Beacon Hall. I actually cycled right past the entrance to Beacon Hall today, brought back many memories, not all so pleasant!

Heading east from Aurora on Vandorf Sideroad you see a lot of horse farms. Too many to count, with large gated front entrances and castles for homes.

Made it to Port Perry at 515pm to have dinner with Leigha, Sam and Linda. Betty was named after Linda’s mom and i got to hear some fun stories about her and how fitting my bike was named after her. Turns out she loved Northern Ontario…my Betty did too until she broke two spokes and had two flats! I have really enjoyed seeing friends and family the last few days. Meeting an MBA classmate tomorrow, actually the first classmate I met in the program and now we are lifelong friends. Cottage for a few days with Dora and Bob starting Wednesday evening!

Marcel from the Toronto Hunt Club picked me up from the restaurant as I am staying at his cottage on Lake Scugog. Marcel, his wife Elayne and I enjoyed some wine and fabulous butter tarts, and of course great conversation. Actually have been offered multiple accommodations for the night and felt bad I wasn’t able to make it to the Kinzuks home in Blackstock.

Daily Cycle: 113.3km
Daily cycle time: 5hrs 48min

3 thoughts on “Alliston to Port Perry

  1. Reply Glenn Williams Jul 23,2013 3:12 am

    Great seeing you today, I will catch up to you in a few days and hopefully see you at the finish line!


  2. Reply Jeff Whelan Jul 23,2013 1:21 pm

    Sorry we missed you yesterday. You were difficult to find. I’ll keep looking in on you online. FYI, I have family and friends littering the Atlantic Provinces so if you need local assistance in NB, NS and NF feel free to drop me a line. I’ll post again as you near some of these people. Keep up the great work.


  3. Reply Linda Ingraudo Jul 23,2013 11:57 pm

    So, so good to see you David and hear in person all about your adventures. You look and sound great! It was a thrill to pass you on the road into Port Perry. Sam and Linda


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