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Left the Sunny Acres Campground just before 11am knowing I only had 110km to do with a tailwind virtually the entire way. The owners of the campground were great, just took over the camp this past year. On Friday and Saturday nights the seasonal campers get together at the Rec Hall and host a concert of sorts.

The landscape changes drastically from hilly lakesides to farm land. This is the Ontario I am used to…


There is a section of about 10km of countless wind turbines on hwy 10 about 20km north of Shelbourne. This hwy was not the greatest to ride, limited shoulder but drivers seemed more considerate today?


Before I hit hwy 89 I turned east on a county road. Hoping to avoid the traffic and assuming the shoulder wouldn’t be that substantial. The county road didn’t have a shoulder at all but it also didn’t have any cars on it. It was what cyclists live to ride…rolling hills and a sunny day with a helping wind. I reached 69.2km/hr down one hill! Don’t mind letting the speed go when the road is smooth and there are no cars around, raced back up a steep hill right after each decent. The scenery was cropland and at the top of a few of the climbs you could see forever.

My ride was almost done when I travelled thru Mansfield and stopped at this Poutine Truck! Great way to end the ride. It’s not much more than a set of corners but guessing a lot of traffic comes thru Mansfield to and from Collingwood.

I didn’t have a charge on my phone by the time I got into my site and wasn’t able to charge it till this morning. When I arrived at Earl Rowe PP they were completely full, all 400+ sites! I was lucky to meet a group of cyclists from the Oshawa Cycling Club occupying the group area and they had room for me, but no facilities, just a place to put my tent. This morning I moved over to a regular site for a day off with friends. Tucked into bed last night and at about 130am heard the sound off something getting into a trail mix bag I left on the picnic table. Now the area I was camping in was kind of remote…at first I assumed it was a squirrel or a raccoon, then I heard the snorting grunt! The picnic table was about 5ft from my tent…I waited quietly, thinking thru all the scenarios of what might occur. A few more grunts and I knew this wasn’t a small animal. Was it just a deer or had my fears come true and this was a bear? Obviously I didn’t poke my head out to introduce myself and I am telling the story today so…whatever it was finished the trail mix and quietly headed off. I am guessing as nothing else was disturbed it was a deer. It did make for about 15min of tense moments.

Daily cycle: 113.7km
Daily cycle time: 4hrs 56min

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  1. Reply sabine Jul 22,2015 12:59 am

    Ha! It was a big black bear and I have to remember to never let you leave trail mix on the table when we camp!!! 😉


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