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Finished up my day off yesterday with some bike repairs. Betty broke another back spoke, thinking the flat spokes I have aren’t the best for long trips? She also had a loose back wheel hub.

Had a great day with my parents who made the trip from Ridgetown to spend the day with me. We toured the town, checking out the marina area, had some whitefish, and visited the local legion.

Highly recommend Papis Tacos for those travelling thru, burritos are amazing and very filling.

Headed out this morning at 9am prepared for an interesting weather day. The forecast called for high winds and thunderstorms…just a matter of when? Not a lot to see leaving Tobermory and the high winds kept me focused on keeping my bike upright so no ability to sightsee. Winds were gusting over 50km/hr from my right, pushing me into traffic. I am sure cars driving by noticed me an Betty slanted 30deg to the right!

The lady staffing the Handcraft House Trading Post near Mar was kind enough to let me wait out the torrential downpour that came thru the area around 2pm. I wish I took a picture as the clouds looked ominous, almost like funnel clouds. Thought I could beat them to Wiarton…lucky to just pull into cover as it came down! Nice store btw for those passing thru.


After an hour wait I was back on the wet roads thinking Wiarton would be my finish for the day. Luckily the winds died down to normal levels, still a strong cross wind but manageable. For those that thought cycling hwy 17 was dangerous, hwy 6 and roads surrounding Owen Sound might be worse…more that the car drivers are more inconsiderate. I had at least 20+ close calls today from cars that didn’t move at all, with about 1ft or so of shoulder. I don’t get it, not like they can’t see me? What does it take to turn the wheel slightly and give a cyclist some space, or worse yet, the driver who wants to thread the needle between me and the oncoming cars! For F@%# sakes, use your brakes and wait 5sec to pass me…far be it for me to hold up your day that long! If it was farm equipment or a Mennonite horse and buggy they would be forced to slow down, but for some reason a bike staying to the right doesn’t register with some to act the same…there were a lot of one finger salutes today. Sorry for the rant, but this rarely happened in any of the other provinces, ashamed to be from Ontario.

Ate a late lunch at the Teakstone Grill on the main hwy thru town, awesome pulled pork sandwich. For those cycling thru he keeps frozen bottles of water for us to take on the road! Decided to keep pedalling at least to Owen Sound as it was only another 35km, 40km to the Sunny Acres Campsite… Happy to turn SW down hwy 6 to discover 18km of ripped up road! It was a grooved road and very hard on Betty. She deserves a medal for what I put her thru today. Finally made it to Owen Sound safely and with all bike parts and decided to plug forward to the camp with more thunder showers in the distance. Stroke of luck #2, about 5km from camp it starts to rain cats and dogs as I am passing a German restaurant. Being almost 8pm by now, dinner it was. So much garlic schnitzel for $15, it could have fed a family of three!

Waited out the rain and headed to camp. Recap the day: crazy weather, managed to stay dry and set up camp dry and had two amazing meals, Erdinger Weissbeer to wash down dinner. Makes for a good day!

Daily cycle: 122.3km
Daily cycle time: 6hrs 21min

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  1. Reply sabine Jul 20,2015 11:56 am

    WOW! I have never heard you rant like this 😉 I would never want to be the recipient of your 1 finger salute :/
    Love Teakstone Grill’s idea of frozen bottles for you guys. Some folks are just so thoughtful like that 🙂
    Was smiling ear to ear on subway this morning… Xo


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