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Sorry for the late blog…hit the road at 830am with lots of time to make the 550pm ferry from South Baymouth to Tobermory. It was already HOT! It is expected to feel like 45 degrees. Our first stop was Little Current, unfortunately we weren’t able to see the swinging bridge make way for the boats coming up river. We did stop in for a second breakfast at Garry’s Restaurant! Cycling like this makes you hungry (obviously) but cycling in the heat for three days doubles your hunger. Seems like I can’t get enough food?



Unlike yesterday, today we took almost every opportunity to jump in the lake. First pic is near sheguiandah on the native reserve property (two naked guys swimming in the lake must have been some sight!). Next was the public beach at Manitowaning (bike shorts on!) and lastly the public beach just outside South Baymouth. Never would have finished the day without taking our body temperatures down several degrees. Fact is we didn’t make the 550pm ferry as Dave hit the wall with 20km to go…he is a solid cyclist so I knew when he was struggling to achieve 10km/hr into a really demanding headwind something was wrong. He claimed at first he was just tired but being tired would not have stopped him from digging deep and pushing thru. He was dehydrated. While he insisted on me biking ahead to catch the ferry I wasn’t going to leave his wing (Top Gun reference!). We canceled our plan to make the 550pm ferry and wait for the 10pm. Side note for those riding thru Tobermory: called Lands End Campground to let them know we would be coming in at midnight and after a long debate, they would NOT allow us to set up camp after 11pm due to their quiet hour rules. Of course I explained we were on bicycles and would be way exhausted to create noise, but no go. They said putting tent pegs in would cause noise! Really! Needless to say not impressed, but as it turns out we stayed in a motel and it poured rain this morning so it all worked out!



Biking Manitoulin is definitely not to be missed. It offers so many different types of terrain, wetland, hills, cropland, beaches, and cliffs. The ferry ride was very relaxing, unfortunately too many clouds to watch the stars as many people have said this area is one of the best in the world to star gaze.

We got to Tobermory around midnight and biked about 3km to the motel my parents were at. Didn’t realize how late it was by the time we had finished catching up (and drinking good scotch!). Several students were having a great time a few doors down from us and included us in their fun. They were all of south Asian decent and had a BBQ of their favourite foods. Didn’t have to ask me twice, they brought over several pieces of home marinated BBQ tandoori chicken…unbelievably great flavour. However, glad I am not cycling today as I have had a few trips to the washroom today!!! Great finish to three long hot days on the road.

Daily cycle: 104.6km
Daily cycle time: 6hrs 21min

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  1. Reply sabine Jul 19,2015 3:20 am

    You’re a great friend D! Xo. I’m sure Dave appreciated you staying with him.


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