Blind River to Whitefish Falls 3


Riding with Dave again today we headed off about 830am and met Scott (aka Jesus) and Walter (from Montreal) just past Blind River. We had a convoy travelling down hwy 17, with little shoulder most of the way it seemed safer in the group?

Scott, Walter, Dave and I just north of Espanola, about 100km into our trip. Walter was continuing on hwy 17 to Sudbury and the rest of us
were heading towards Tobermory. It was blistering hot today, temperatures reaching 36 deg, felt like 45 on the pavement going up a few of the hills at 10km/hr. The heat just steamed off the road and the sun hit you from above. Your feet feel it more in this heat. We took advantage of many shady spots off the hwy, constantly drinking water, chalk full of Nunns electrolytes. Almost stopped a few times and jumped into the water…not sure why we didn’t, just so focused on finishing the day I guess.

Didn’t take me long to jump in the river once we did arrive! Caked with suntan lotion, body temperature soaring, not sure i would have even drank a beer if I had one available? That thought changed after a swim, shower and perch dinner at the Red Dog Lounge in the village. Cold Steam Whistle in a frosted mug…great end to an amazing day. Take the heat any day over cold and rain, especially when you can jump in a clear, cool lake or river.

Will be in Tobermory at the Lands End Campground tomorrow evening and off Thursday as my parents are coming up for a visit. Feels kind of like the show Survivor when they finally get to see family for a day! Looking forward to seeing family and friends over the next week or so.

Daily cycle: 128.7km
Daily cycle time: 6hrs 23min

3 thoughts on “Blind River to Whitefish Falls

  1. Reply Mike kirk Jul 18,2013 11:46 am

    Let me know when your close to Owen sound. I will come up and buy you a pint. Kirky


  2. Reply L inda Ingraudo Jul 20,2013 11:13 pm

    Hey David. So glad you saw your parents as they must be so relieved to see you healthy and in 1 piece close to home. You’re doing great!!! Linda


  3. Reply sabine Jul 16,2015 11:20 am

    I can almost hear the sizzle when you jumped into the river 😉
    As I was reading – I thought…what? …He didn’t feel like a beer? He must’ve gotten a heat stroke!!!
    I stand corrected;)
    And it does Sounds like an episode of survivor…maybe you produce one with a cycling trip…:o


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