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Time for me to do the fundraising pitch! I would like to start by thanking all the people who have contributed to the Breast Cancer Foundation thus far:

Carole Bacon
Elayne Bassett
Leo Blindenbach
Beverly Benjamin
Dean Corrigan
David Cowx
Catalina Diaz
Carl Fraser
Reanne Gallipeau
June Giancursio
Lindsay Giancursio
Craig Gibson
Linda Ingraudo
Vic Hergott
Doug Knights
Cindy Konzuk
James Lowe
David Luis
Chris Main
Dean Main
Leigha Main
Paul Martin
Glenn McMillan
Vince Mercier
Arne Michalski
Joe Nunes
Louis Pappas
Chris Serre
Jeff & Carole Steski
Joe Sweeney
Eric Thorsteinson
Merrilee Trim-Smith
Michael & Aubrey Weaver
Crispin Wye

Now, I know a lot more people than this! We have only raised $4000 so far and I will be more than disappointed if I cycle across Canada and don’t hit our $10,000 goal. I have met a lot of people on this trip touched by cancer, some have family who have succumbed to it, others have beaten it. All have benefited from some great organizations that need our fundraising support. I am soon to be in central Ontario where most of my friends live, so let’s get our credit cards out and push past the goal by the time I hit Ottawa! Simply click on the Donate Now page of my website an follow the easy steps to contribute. 5min of your time to make a difference in all our lives. Thank you.

Please pass this message on to all your friends and contacts as it will mean a lot to me, Dora, and all those families dealing with this horrible disease.




Look at the “gun show” on Uncle Bob modelling the hot off the presses Cycle Canada for Cancer touring Ts…$50 and you can get one of these limited edition Ts. All proceeds go towards BCF of course. Email me your shirt size etc and we can arrange to get one to you.

2 thoughts on “Are you on this list?

  1. Reply Dora Main Jul 16,2013 3:35 am

    PS Dave my sister Jana/Terry Goss contributed. Can you check to see why their names not there?


  2. Reply Jenika Wong Jul 22,2013 1:07 pm

    Hi Dora,

    Jenika here from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. I provide David with updates from his donation page. I was away on vacation recently and so David wasn’t receiving updates, which may explain why your sister isn’t on the list. Sorry, my bad.

    Thanks for everything, Dora. You, David, Bob and your entire family are truly an inspiration. I’ll be emailing David with an updated list shortly 🙂


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