Agawa Bay to Pancake Bay 1

Tough to leave Agawa Bay this morning, in fact didn’t until noon! The ride today wasn’t quite as epic as yesterday but the views of Superior don’t get old.

Three significant climbs today and a full headwind made the day physically challenging, mentally I knew I only had 65km so that wasn’t too demanding. Another beautiful 30deg day, but didn’t have the cool lake breeze felt the day before, made it feel like a sauna on the hwy.

Betty is hanging in, but needs some TLC. Another back spoke broke and some of the teeth on my cassette and drive train are flattening, causing the chain to skip. Looks like she is going to need a whole new engine when I get to the bike shop (called Velorution) in the Soo. This shop is famous for cycle tourists as the owner allows us to camp for free behind his shop…a cyclist’s hostile!

Got into camp around 5pm, cycled a couple kms to a grocery so Dave and I could make a big pasta dinner, with beers! Headed straight for the lake for a swim and my in lake bath once camp was set up. I am getting really spoiled now with swims in the lake after a day of riding, not going to complain!

This is my view as I do my blog, calm waves lap the shore of Lake Gitchigoomie…the Ojibwa term for Superior meaning little sea. It wasn’t this calm when the Edmond Fitzgerald went down about 20km south of where I sit. Was it the 160km winds or a rocky bottom that split her in half?

Those that want to cycle next week please connect with me…tomorrow the Soo Crew. Saturday night in the Soo I’ll have a beer for you Amy Morrell, any suggestions on Pubs?

Daily cycle: 66.2km
Daily cycle time: 3hrs 52min

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  1. Reply Walker Jul 13,2013 2:23 am

    Just how many beers was that? A cyclist’s “hostile”?? Well done Mainer…enjoying many beautiful parts of the country that you would never otherwise see…and just at the perfect time of year. We’re loving the updates…keep ’em coming!


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