Wawa to Agawa Bay 3

David and I headed out on the road around 10am with the first stop being Wawa to pick up groceries as I was empty and there is nothing for the next 120km.


We entered Lake Superior Park which is the 4th largest park in Ontario and has 83km of hwy run thru it. Today was EPIC, or Superior to all others (like that one, not bad for an engineer!). This is an amazing part of Canada.



We stopped at Old Woman Bay and Katherine Cove to see beautiful sand beaches, 300ft cliffs and crystal clear water waving into the shores.

I have been in contact with Kyle, who is “biking4boobies” and has raised over 15k for Breast Cancer. We met half way across the country as he started the same time as me on the east coast. You can see he has a little lighter load than me! Good luck Kyle and ride safe.

While the camp site was $40 it was worth every penny. Immediately went for a swim in the cool, but not frigid waters of Superior. You literally feel like you are in the ocean, was even closing my eyes under water expecting the salt water. When I did open them the water was so clear, very refreshing swim. Our day had a tail wind, it was almost 30degrees but had a cool breeze off the lake, not a cloud in the sky. Fished Dad Lake, which is beside Mom lake and Baby lake! We met Andy and Mary from the Flint Michigan area and they fed the Canadians! Cold Beer, we will never leave their site!



Lake Superior Park makes all the tough days on the road seem meaningless. Someone mentioned they thought the lake should be one if the 7 natural wonders of the world, and I can see why. Didn’t know that you can fit all the water in the 4 other lakes into Superior and there would still be room left for more water! It is simply breathtaking, could be better than any other area I have been thru, self admitted that I enjoy water. Will definitely return and hike the many trails in future years.

I was planning to ride 140km today into the Soo, but will not rush thru such beautiful landscapes. Only going 60km to Pancake Bay and camping there, the Soo can wait till Saturday. Don’t want to leave here!

Daily cycle: 102km
Daily cycle time: 5hrs 16min

3 thoughts on “Wawa to Agawa Bay

  1. Reply Amy M Jul 12,2013 6:22 pm

    Pancake Bay is one of my favourite places to camp – enjoy! The beach is amazing and the water crisp. Wonderful memories. Batchawana is amazing too.


  2. Reply Gaston Jul 12,2013 10:54 pm

    Dave, I’ve been following your trip and was wondering when do you predict leaving Montreal for Quebec City? We are a group of 8 cyclists from Brantford who will travelling the same route leaving Montreal on Saturday, August 3rd and it would be a pleasure to ride with you.


  3. Reply sabine Jul 13,2015 3:11 am

    Mmmmmm…pancakes πŸ™‚
    I feel fortune to have enjoyed this leg of the journey again with you camping πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing your favorite sunset with me. I promise to share mine with you someday xo


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