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These photos of Neys PP beach didn’t upload earlier…wow, a lot of mosquitoes in this park. Made packing up a one handed Olympic sport; one hand to pack and the other to fend of the mosquitoes. Headed off by 920am but by the time I had breakfast and did my blog from yesterday at the small diner just outside the park I really started my day at 1015am. The winds were fairly neutral today which was a pleasant surprise from yesterday. I really finished my day yesterday in a bitch of a mood. Thought about why a lot today given how lucky I am to have the time and ability to do this. A combination of a hard day that didn’t seem like I accomplished much, missing closing time for the restaurant, high fees at provincial parks, no drinking water at the park, and no wifi, no cell service…really I think the thing that gets me most is the cell service as it provides me with the ability to plan. Weather updates are critical, route options, food locations including grocery, camp site and motel info etc allow me to set a plan. Now some of you know I can and enjoy working or living spontaneously, but deep down I think we all like a plan. On this tour I like to spend an hour the night before plotting the next couple days, reworking the plan as needed. I have changed my mindset today to work around no cell coverage (obviously using wifi where I can), using paper maps, camping guides, asking lots of questions to people as I go along. Works well, just a change in the way I do things daily. Change…no matter what we are doing, it’s the only constant.


Passed by Barrick Gold (David Bell mine) which is an underground and open pit operation that last year processed 206,000 ounces of gold! Would have enjoyed a tour, not likely I am guessing.

Decided to end my day at Gloria’s Motel just west of White Lake PP. This was at the advice of a info centre attendant in Marathon (my new info sourcing pays off!). Gloria has a small diner, a motel and some bunk rooms. I have a bunk room, consists of a bed and TV, share washrooms, kitchen and laundry, Wifi…$25 a night! Getting some laundry done with actually detergent opposed to shampoo in the lake!


This is the view of the calm lake waters across the hwy from Gloria’s. You know I’ll be fishing soon…looks like the forecast for the winds will be favourable the next several days!

Daily cycle: 85.7km
Daily cycle time: 4hrs 33min

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  1. Reply sabine Jul 8,2015 7:26 pm

    Mr. Photographer! beautiful images – Sabine approved 😉
    “Change…no matter what we are doing, it’s the only constant.” is that yours or did you borrow it from someone? lmk pls 🙂


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