Dauphin to Rainbow Beach PP 3

I woke expecting a great day fishing near Dauphin as I tracked my bike parts to be delivered before 5pm. Around 10am Daryl arrived with the parts in hand! A little work on the bike and I was on my way by noon. I biked pass the Dauphin train station which has been renovated but still shows a lot of character.

Visited Daryl and his staff at the bakery before heading out of town and stocked up on garlic cheese rolls! Decision was made to bike a short distance today to Rainbow Beach PRovincial Park as I had fishing on my brain and the campground is on Dauphin lake.


Hit my destination at 130pm and found that the small canteen where I expected I could set myself up for dinner was only serving pre-made sandwiches and drinks. So I did what I had to…set off on a trail looking for a fishing hole! Now I don’t have a MB fishing license, but did buy one for BC and Ontario, does that count? I did a little research, took the barbs off my hooks and hit the mouth of a river on Dauphin lake.

What a great afternoon! Tried my hand at some surface lures thinking a Northern or a Smallie would be lurking in the weeds but guessing too hot in the afternoon. I switched up to a small trout hook with fake pink worm and floater and let it drift in the river. Bam…the Walleye were hungry. Caught two nice ones by we’re definitely in the slot limit (45cm to 71cm) so let them fend for a another day. I was amazed how much fight they gave in the river, used to hauling them off the bottom like logs? Alas the big one was landed. This guy was fun to land and while I didn’t have a ruler I am guessing he was close and likely beyond the upper slot. My guess was 30″. Some skill filleting my catch with a hunting knife but it was tasty!

Going back to fish the evening away, as my grandfather would expect me to only come back after catching the limit as he did every morning at the cottage. (Inside joke only family will understand)

Daily Cycle: 19.9km
Daily Cycle time: 1hr 7min
Fish caught: 3 Walleye

3 thoughts on “Dauphin to Rainbow Beach PP

  1. Reply Bob main Jun 20,2013 1:18 pm

    Nice fish .hope you cooked it in beer batter


  2. Reply Jim Hope Jun 20,2013 3:14 pm

    DM, a man of many talents!


  3. Reply Kevin MacDonald Jun 21,2013 1:33 pm

    You are bringing back memories of my Yout! (My Cousin Vinnie, reference!)


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