Roblin to Dauphin 3

This was my view at 10pm last night! First for me having it be after 11pm before the sun went down. I purchased a fishing rod on my way out of town as I wasn’t going to miss out on these opportunities again. (Left the one i originally brought in Vancouver!)

I woke this morning around 630am to the sounds on this video. I purposely covered the camera so you could only sense the sound (I am sure there is a way to just take audio but what do you expect of me at dawn?). Close your eyes and listen…I am fascinated by the call of the loon, the other birds were in the trees surrounding my tent. Hence I fell back asleep to the loons and didn’t get on the road until 1030am after a bacon and egg camping breakfast, hot tea and a PB&J bagel.

The road to Dauphin was without a shoulder for the majority of the ride. Again, frightening that you get used to expecting vehicles to give you room, but they all do. I think when a driver knows there is no room for me to cycle away from the lane they are extra generous with sharing the road, but sometimes when there is a small shoulder they assume “he’s ok, he has a shoulder to ride on” and don’t move over, if at all? A couple times I could tell that with an oncoming car and a transport coming from my rear it would be difficult for the truck driver so I just pulled onto the gravel and let him pass, the one time the truck driver acknowledged my doing with a flash of his rear lights.

I stopped in the small town of Grandview for lunch. Which one of these things doesn’t belong in the photo? I swear to you I thought all the seniors in this coffee shop were going to fall over when I walked in, shock and awe…I was hoping to see the street race with their walkers after lunch but I think they were too busy gossiping about the big guy on a bike in town that day.

This is Gilbert. He is the mascot of the town of Gilbert Plains…a Scottish golf ball carrying a goalie stick? Got to wonder what goes thru the minds of some of the rural town council minds?

I arrived in Dauphin just after 4pm and met Daryl at his bakery in town. Unfortunately my bike parts did not arrive and are expected Wednesday afternoon. This didn’t shock me and will give me the opportunity to so some fishing on a beautiful sunny day. I have learned to take things in stride on a journey like this, it takes “what you have control over” to a new level. If the parts had arrived on time I wouldn’t have the chance to spend a lazy day fishing.

We headed back to the house, and I was treated to some Ukrainian beer and a BBQ, Dauphin is known for their Ukrainian heritage and a large summer country music festival. So you know, it is true…the baker does get up to bake the donuts in the middle of the night. Daryl is in to work at 2am!

Daily cycle: 100.1km
Daily cycle time: 4hrs 4min

3 thoughts on “Roblin to Dauphin

  1. Reply Kevin MacDonald Jun 20,2013 5:12 pm

    Thanks for taking the time to document your journey. I feel like I am there with you. I will be in Ontario from the 22nd to the 26th, then in Montreal. It looks like I will be there ahead of you. Keep riding and keep writing! Kevin


  2. Reply tim Jun 21,2013 1:03 pm

    Great job keep it up – fantastic trip


  3. Reply sabine Jun 18,2015 12:12 pm

    I’m on the subway. Listening to loons. Thank you. Love you.


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