Yorkton to Roblin, MB 4

Knowing I didn’t have a long day ahead I took my time in the morning aka slept in. While leaving I noticed the electrical outlets in the parking lot, something you don’t see in Toronto! Left Yorkton at 950am heading dead east towards the Manitoba border.


About 65km into my trip hwy 10 turns into hwy 5 at the Manitoba border. Betty gets a new flag sticker! A distinct difference in road maintenance that I hope doesn’t carry thru the province. There was no shoulder on hwy 5, but luckily very few vehicles either. It seems like my handy work is holding up as I didn’t have any issues with the trailer connector today and got a confirmation from Marta at Maya cycle that the replacement parts are being overnighted to Dauphin. She was kind enough to send two sets just in case of future issues! Amazing the logistics at play to get this part from Mississauga to rural Manitoba overnight…believe it when I see it. Also confirmed an order of Swalbe Marathon tires for Selkirk, MB at the local Source for Sports. My back tire will just make the 500km to Selkirk before needing changing as it takes the lions share of the load. After 4 weeks of cycling these tires have seen 2256km. I was told they would make 3000km and that looks to be true.

I arrived in Roblin (“the jewel of Parkland”, think thats the jewel in the photo?) at 330pm (with the time change at the MB border). The campsite like many small town sites was empty and not staffed. I dropped my gear off and headed for the town hall building to register my stay. (No concern for anyone taking my gear, barely seen anyone in the town so far!)

Roblin is referred to as the fly fishing capital of Canada because of the abundance of small streams and lakes surrounding the area. I will remember it as the best value camping so far, $10 for electricity, showers, waterfront, and all the wood I can burn. Most camp sites charge at least $7 for a bundle of wood, and those that really know me know I love a fire! I went to the bank (a lot of Royal Banks in rural areas), grocery and beer store, each one people stopped me to welcome me to the area and say hi. Very friendly town.

Can you spot the important part to setting up camp in this picture? So long to Saskatchewan it’s been 716.4km, 28hrs 16min of cycling time. I was fortunate to have mostly tailwinds thru the prairies so was able to keep an average cycling pace of 24.4km/hr.

Daily cycle: 79.1km
Daily cycle time: 3hrs 32min

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  1. Reply Linds Jun 18,2013 12:05 am

    Beer 🙂


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    Mmmmmmm Stiegl


  4. Reply Timothy Ashby Jun 18,2013 1:20 am

    So…After 2000kms hauling that trailer, would you go paniers instead for a do-over, or did you need your cargo/beer wagon?


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