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Trying to get a full nights sleep camping is not all that easy. If it isn’t a train rolling thru in the night, it’s a group staying up late by the fire or just the sunlight coming thru the tent shortly after 5am in the morning. I am getting accustomed to sleeping on the ground with my pillow is a pillow case stuffed with clothes, but early mornings have never been my strong suit — hence why I changed roles from being a Head Pro! So making a 7am conference call for the PGA of Ontario Board wasn’t an issue for my start to the day. It was great to chat with a few of my friends and colleagues after a month of being off the grid. After my call and breakfast I headed into town, not by bike though as there are few bike lanes in Regina. First goal was finding an RMT to help with the numbness in two of my fingers. I found A Balanced Approach Therapy and as it turns out the RMT, Pricilles, was the owner of this full service Natural Therapy clinic. After 45min of work on my neck, back and arms I had my fingers crossed (the ones I could move) that relief was in my future. A side note, not only did Pricilles find time to fit me in, but she also donated her time to assist me. Thank you, not necessary but definitely appreciated. As of today the numbness has reduced, but still lingering.

The staff at Balanced Approach recommended lunch at the Fireside Bistro, which was just down the street from them. I can see why, I wanted to eat my way through the entire menu. At the servers suggestion I went with the mac and cheese pizza. OMG, this pizza is not for the faint of heart…could be the best personalized pizza I have ever had, cheese and more cheese, a bit of bacon, penne noodles, crispy crust. Even with my portion control problems I couldn’t finish it!


Time for a little touristing ( if that’s a word?). A walk around Wascana Lake, which is a man made lake surrounded by a man made park. In the early 1900’s both were created out of farm land and the Legislation building was built soon after Saskatchewan became a province in 1905, separating from the NWT.


An impressive building chalk full of history, especially that of the Native history of the province. The Confederation Table was a gift from the Canadian government on becoming a province. When they received it the legislation building wasn’t built yet so they kept the table in the local post office but it was too big so they CUT 6ft out if it! Less the 6ft, it is now on display for all to see. Impressive that the founders of our confederation sat at this table…wonder if they made a good IPA back then.


On that note, you have to think its time for a beer…I searched out the Beer Bros Bar where they have over 50 craft brews, not one mainstream beer! Heard a customer try to order a Keith’s, didn’t go over well! The Mt Begbie Nasty Habit IPA, shown above, was the winner with honourable mention to the Half Pint Little Scapper IPA.

As I was afraid the rain expected this morning hit Regina and the forecast is for thunder showers this afternoon. Luckily the main office of the campground has a TV, and the US Open is on all afternoon…anyone else find it odd listening to Chris Berman cover golf?

Tomorrow I will be cycling for Daniella, who is the wife of a great friend and is about to start chemo for possible ovarian cancer. Since I am off again today I am going to attempt a double century ride (200km) to Yorkton. Be well Daniella!

We have raised just over $3000 so far for BCF. I don’t have to tell anyone how horrible cancer is an how it can affect everyone’s lives suddenly. I have been passive on encouraging donations thus far. Please don’t wait to donate, click on the BCF donation page and it will lead you through the donation process. All your money goes directly to BCF.

Cheers and be well

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  1. Reply Tal Czudner Jun 15,2013 2:43 pm

    Hey Mainer. We hope you can pump out 200km. Daniella and I appreciate the support. A lot of people are able to live vicariously through you right now, keep those pedals rotating.


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