Moose Jaw to Regina 5

I was up around 7am as usual and killed the free continental breakfast at the Super8! Got back to the room and the bed was just too comfy (that’s how worn out you get when you think a Super8 bed is comfy) so I fell back asleep to the TV on…pushed my departure time back to 1130am with only 85km to ride today.

Honestly, today was the most uninspiring cycling day to Regina. Almost completely straight hwy, poor side shoulder conditions (pitted and bumpy), zero to look at and a lot of traffic between the two metropolises of Saskatchewan.

This province is CRAZY for their CFL team…Stopped in Belle Prairie for lunch at a little hole in the ground gas station. Amazing chicken burger, homemade soup and potato salad! This is a village of about 100 people and most work in the local salt/potash mine. The waitress was kind enough to let me use her sunscreen as I had run out and it was sunny and 34deg!

My thoughts today turned to my last year working at Beacon Hall and the politics at play etc. I miss working with a great team and helping mentor some of the young staff, but soon enough that will return. A few staff were in my thoughts today: Glenn, Anne, Amir, Paul, Christine, Lisa, and Chef. I know the demands you and all the staff encounter and know you and many of the other staff strive to improve daily. Great to work with such inspired people who continue to impress me. Surprisingly, I still have no hard feelings as I learned a lot and got to meet a lot of wonderful and inspiring people; but it iis amazing how the influence of a few with an agenda are able to divide a club. They will find their way, what that is only they know. As i look back I am fortunate to be where I am now and look forward to enjoying many more years ahead leading clubs.

I arrived at my campsite by 430pm and while setting up camp realized I left my iPhone charger back in Moose Jaw! Picked another one up on the cab ride into town (the campsite is about 4km east of town) on my way to…yep, a brew pub! Bushwakkers Brew Pub make one of the best ESB and IPA I have had on this tour. A must see when in Regina. I am off tomorrow, and possibly another day if the thunderstorms they are calling for the next two days occur?

Soon I will be adding an interactive piece to my journey. I will be asking you to vote on a route change, thinking of cycling Manitoulin Island and taking the ferry to Tobermory…looking for your feedback and will go whichever way people vote.

Daily Cycle: 85.7km
Daily cycle time: 3hrs 55min

5 thoughts on “Moose Jaw to Regina

  1. Reply chris serre Jun 13,2013 3:39 am

    Too soon to vote for Manitoulin?


  2. Reply Glenn Williams Jun 13,2013 3:52 pm

    Hey Buddy,

    We are thinking of you, I remember when you bought your bike and I told you that you would love riding, never thought that you would take it to this extent!

    Ride safely!



  3. Reply June Giancursio Jun 13,2013 11:09 pm

    Better check to see if the ferry is operating David..earlier this year it was suspended due to low water levels….


  4. Reply Dora Main Jun 14,2013 5:17 am

    Hi Dave, can you post what amount you’ve raised so far?


  5. Reply Tim Jun 14,2013 12:26 pm

    great job keep it up


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