Morse to Moose Jaw 4

For $70 you can be a member of Deer Creek Golf Club and for $5 you can pay as you play. I waited around until 920am for an interview for the GM/Pro position but nobody showed so I just assumed the role.

There are times in our lives that you remember distinctly forever. I was about 40km into my ride, pulled over on the side of the Hwy taking a break. For about 5min at least there were NO cars or trucks, just me, the birds, the wind and the big sky. I stood still and just absorbed the moment.

I reached Chaplin Lake and thought it was January. The Sodium Sulfate was piled up as the summer heat evaporates the water and leaves the deposits. Chaplin Lake is Canada’s second largest salt water lake and is home to many species of shore birds. Riding along side the lake for several kms it felt like I was on the east coast.


I stopped at the Tea House in Mortlach for lunch, but not before having to wait a half hour for the Stars Medic Helicopter to land, pick up a patient and fly off to Regina. Stars is Saskatchewan’s version of Ornge. I am assuming with the many small rural areas services like this are vital.

I arrived in Moose Jaw at 430pm and decided a roof and a comfortable bed would be in order. With lots of time on my hands I took a taxi to downtown, found the only Irish pub for a bite and a Guinness then walked around town and back to the hotel.

Unfortunately litter is plentiful on the sides of our hwys, that said Saskatchewan’s hwys are the cleanest so far. The stories of truck drivers needing to make their deadline, thus using a plastic pop container as a urinal are true. Top three things not litter related on the side of the hwy: 1) truck tire pieces 2) bungee cord 3) windshield glass. Honourable mention to dead animals and clothing. I have picked up a toonie and a loonie along the way, but passed up stopping for a quarter! Odd items include a broken golf club, smashed BBQ, mannequin leg, utensils and a hockey puck.

Daily cycle: 121.4km
Daily cycle time: 4hrs 50min

4 thoughts on “Morse to Moose Jaw

  1. Reply Jeff Scott Jun 12,2013 7:55 pm

    Congrats on the new position at Deer Creek Golf Club! Can we arrange a reciprocal with the Hunt Club?!? Ride safe.


    • Reply david Jun 13,2013 12:25 am

      Thanks Jeff…unfortunately after consulting with our Board it was decided to respectfully decline your offer. No free play here at Deer Lake CC…LOL.


  2. Reply Crispin Jun 17,2013 12:50 pm

    Hi David, well done on making it through a tough ride yesterday, and don’t forget the teaspoons on the side of the highway!


  3. Reply sab Jun 11,2015 5:13 pm

    A mannequin leg…curious.
    Just you, the birds, the wind and the big sky…i can just see you soaking it in 🙂


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