Gull Lake to Morse 2

Woke up this morning refreshed and excited to ride with a strong westerly wind at my back! Was all packed up by 9am when I discovered my trailer tire was completely flat. After some open heart surgery I discovered the culprit. The dreaded steal thread from a transport tire. Removed the offending object, patched it, pumped it back up and was on my way by 950am.

I figured I had better stop at the local cycle shop in Swift Current to pick up a spare tire tube for the trailer.

While there I treated Betty to a lube, oil and filter so to speak. Turns out her chain had stretched (who knew?), so we replaced it. The staff were great, setting aside other work to immediately get me back on the road. Thank you Cloud 9 Cycle!

My destination for the evening was going to be Herbert but when I arrived the campsite was closed. The owner wouldn’t let me stay because he didn’t have any services to offer, thus he could get in trouble with the Health Board. Imagine my thoughts…in the middle of @^#% nowhereville and this guys worried about the Health board! Luckily Morse is only a 15km downwind cycle from Herbert. Note the white deposits in the foreground. This is sodium phosphate which has been harvested from this area since 1947 for use in detergents among other things.

The Morse Campground is adjacent to the Deer Lake GC and both are honour system for paying. The golf club has sand greens but no sand traps?

I rolled into Morse around 530pm and headed to the grocery store. Not a lot of selection so it was uncle bens rice and baked beans, canned sliced pears for desert!

Daily cycle: 127.1km
Daily cycle time: 5hrs 16min

2 thoughts on “Gull Lake to Morse

  1. Reply Linda Jun 11,2013 1:34 pm

    Quite the gourmet dinner for a foodie! I really enjoy your travel/adventures every day and feel part of your journey. We have donated and will again as u go along. You’re doing great and we are proud!


    • Reply david Jun 11,2013 7:58 pm

      At some point you just have to get energy into you and sometimes not a lot of choice. Really miss refrigeration!


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