Maple Creek to Gull Lake 2

I learned something about myself, or perhaps human nature. I think we are unconsciously driven by our calendars, timelines, deadlines etc as would be expected in an adult. For the last three weeks I have been thinking a lot about keeping to my schedule, hitting my km goals for each day, so much so that I have missed a few opportunities to enjoy the sites I pass thru. As well several days in a row of 125km+ days drags on you. Today I was supposed to cycle 145km to Swift Current, then another 140km the next day, then 120km to Regina. I got past my desire to reach a end day goal and planned a 4 day route to Regina instead of the planned 3…giving me time to enjoy the day more and take in the beauty of Big Sky country. Invigorating really, to just say no to the plan…doubt I will have much opportunity to do so once back home and some poor forsaken golf club hires me!

Enough of my rambling, I set off today at 950am and didn’t get more than 3km before rain came on. Luckily I was stopping anyways at the Saskatchewan visitor centre. An hour passed and so did the rain, back in the saddle and on my way. My first lunch was at Izzies Food Truck near Piapot, not to take away from Dora’s ice cream truck right beside Izzie. As many of you know my Aunt Dora is on the road to recovery from breast cancer and is a large part of my inspiration for this trip. Didn’t know she owned an ice cream truck in Piapot, SK!

The Wye family and I took cover near the food trucks in a Sea Container! That is a first for me, but a welcome cover from the rain. About a half hour break here waiting for the weather to pass thru. While Benjamin is out of school for a couple months his mother practices his math tables with him during the cycle, and he journals everyday and does a bit of homework his teachers made for him. He complains like any other 9 year old but I remind him he is out of school and cycling the country! He really is a great young man and is going to have quite a story to tell for the rest of his life.


My second lunch was in Tomkin at a Co-op gas station just off the highway. Again, as I pulled in another band of rain swept thru…seeing a trend here? The day was only 80km but it was taking forever to finish! At least I was dry.

If you are a CFL fan and particularly for the green machine, the Co-op stations have everything a fan would want. They put a Roughrider logo on everything!

Gull Lake is a sleepy rural Prairie town, with a friendly small town feel. Kind of reminds my of some of the smaller Kent county villages/towns.

Only one guesser on roadside items and Jim is right, tire rubber from trucks is in the top three, likely number one.

Daily cycle: 81km
Daily cycle time: 4hrs 2min

2 thoughts on “Maple Creek to Gull Lake

  1. Reply lennywalkerr Jun 10,2013 5:39 pm

    I don’t think I could get Carter to ride for 10 Km let alone the whole country!! What a kid..he’s a champ


  2. Reply sabine Jun 9,2015 6:04 pm

    Neat find for ice cream. Of course you had to stop. Dora was an added bonus.
    So kids travel on these trips…cool! What an experience to offer your child 😉


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